What kind of kills give you the most satisfaction?

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  3. What kind of kills give you the most satisfaction?

User Info: DericViiper

4 years ago#51
stick nades from the grave.

I love sticking an oncoming warthog and getting the double kill from the grave.
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User Info: sloth3638

4 years ago#52
Railgun kills without a doubt. Something about the way they explode instantly is extremely gratifying.

User Info: monsterlord-18

4 years ago#53
assassinations. just watching my avatar kill someone else in a brutal manner is just so satisfying.

User Info: Vidius101

4 years ago#54
Killing ppl who camps of course.
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User Info: supersonic953

4 years ago#55
I have two main kills that make me light up:

1) Any assassination, but especially mid-air ones. Mid-air assassinations just always look so badass to me. :P

2) Sticking a moving Warthog with at least two people in it.

User Info: JRS511

4 years ago#56
PufTheMgicDingo posted...
Camping around the corner with the Boltshot

I hate you haha
"Obviously you're not a golfer"

User Info: Lythiris

4 years ago#57
Killjoys. Showstoppers. Multi-kill with one shot of a weapon.
"I figured maybe a bullet in the back. Or a knife in the back. Maybe hit by a train."
"In the back?" "In the back, yeah."

User Info: SirRonny

4 years ago#58
I love climbing into a Mantis and wreaking havoc lol.
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User Info: Sonic2k465

4 years ago#59
First strike mongoose splatters.
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User Info: Silent Raven

Silent Raven
4 years ago#60
The Sack (as in American Football, Sacking a quarterback; tackling the guy and stabbing him in the face) Assassination is pretty awesome. And the Flag-Sassination is straight out of Warhammer 40k *Plant's flag through enemy's eye lense*
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  3. What kind of kills give you the most satisfaction?

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