This is easily the best, general, loadout.

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User Info: __Fiale__

5 years ago#1
- Primary Weapon - DMR
Self explanatory. Fantastic at long range. Sniping is far too easy with this.

- Secondary Weapon - Plasma Pistol
Noob combo still works brilliantly. And the ability to disable vehicles with your secondary weapon helps incredibly. Either disable and run, or finish it off, and the pilot.
- Grenades - Plasma Grenades
Bouncing the frag grenades off walls can be helpful in alot of situations, but plasma pistol and a couple of plasma grenades finishes off alot of vehicles. Plus if you pretty much know you're gonna die, sticking your opponent before you die atleast lets you finish him.

- Armor Ability - Jet Pack
As much as some may hate it, due to Reach, it's still easily the best ability. It gets you around the map faster. You can reach places others normally can't. There's tons of lil tricks you can do with it to win in a 1 on 1 firefight and to trick people who constantly check the radar. And also, it can get you out of danger nicely too. However, there are far too many people who just hurr durr in the middle of a firefight, and somehow think that just gaining altitude right infront of their opponent is somehow going to disorientate them. It doesn't. So dont. If used correctly, for the right things, the jetpack is a great help.

- Tactical Package - Mobility
Being able to unlimited sprint will obviously get you to weapon drops faster, vehicles, chase after that guy who's only one-shot. And again, run away, should you need to.

- Support Upgrade - Dexterity
Being able to reload quicker, allowing you to take out that second person, or to switch weapons quicker due to a ghost just whizzing out of nowhere, and you want to put it down. Again, the ability speaks for itself. If you and you're opponent are for some reason reloading at the same time, you'll obviously win.

Ofcourse there are sometimes needs for other abilities, or weapons. But tbh, this is usually the only setup you ever need. Making your other loadout slots grow dust. (Unless you're playing SWAT :P)

What do you think? Obviously i'm going to get alot of hate for this, but it does seem to hold true though. This DOES seem to be the best loadout in general.
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User Info: TheApd_Returns

5 years ago#2
for support, i agree that dexterity is definitely the most 'competitive' choice, but i'm partial to ammo as well; makes the LR last alot longer, and getting like 8 more shots (or 4?) on snipers is golden.

so i'd probably say dexterity for infinity slayer, and ammo for big infinity slayer

User Info: xoAxelox

5 years ago#3
no its not sorry

as soon as i saw plasma grenade i knew you were bad at halo
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User Info: HighOnPhazon

5 years ago#4
Ammo is good, I agree.

I don't think Jetpack is as great as you make it out to be. I'd rather have Regen Field or Promethean Vision any day.

I agree with the DMR though. I mean I use the Light Rifle, but the DMR is the best starting weapon period. It's just good at everything. The LR is better at range, but the DMR usually wins anyway.
GT: AncientToaster
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User Info: Strakadh_OF

5 years ago#5
I dont see reason to hate,but then again that is my exact loadout.

DMR is best primary.

PP+sticky neutralizes any vehicles and gives you the ever powerful plasma punch.

Mobility is game changing.
GT: The Trill Texan

User Info: Hyperlethal117

5 years ago#6
PP is nubtastic, DMR is beaten by Lightrifle and I'd rather have hardlight shield over jetpack.

User Info: Kage-No_Kaze

5 years ago#7
As far as Armor Ability its not really all that important, but everything else I agree with. Easily the best all around set up

User Info: ox0shadow0xo

5 years ago#8
In big team I prefer camo as the most useful AA, I've snuck up to so many vehicles with it. I agree the noob combo is great still, but I prefer having the br as my backup weapon so firepower goes on the tactical package. Support I change around, but at the moment it's awareness for those people who try to assassinate me when I'm using a scope(boy are they surprised when I jump over them at the last minute)
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User Info: RanmaRanma

5 years ago#9
Jetpack is the 2nd worst ability next to Thrusters. Frags > stickies. You put too much importance on vehicles. Where skill really matters in Halo, there usually aren't vehicles on the map. Shielding > mobility.

User Info: unstoppabull

5 years ago#10
jet pack is just begging for someone to shoot you in the head
GT: JayTheWatchman
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  3. This is easily the best, general, loadout.

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