Best service tag you have seen so far?

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User Info: GollyFluff

4 years ago#111
I can't post the two that I used on reach that still aren't blocked in 4. I'll get modded, and I'm afraid I'll get banned in 4 with their new policies. But pm me if you want to see them lol.
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User Info: chickenwax

4 years ago#112

I remember the Reach beta let you have symbols too. Then it was: u69?
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User Info: osucarp

4 years ago#113
Mines BALZ...see gamer tag below
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User Info: Zemata

4 years ago#114
I rock either ROBO, YIFF, or PONY = My Lego Things. = My music things.

User Info: Knox_32

4 years ago#115
This was mine for bit. Type it in and tell me if you can actually see the difference between the q and the o from any diastase in that font.

Edit: Oh and my emblem was the rooster.
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User Info: ramzariot

4 years ago#116
I don't know about the best but mine is SIN5.
I grow tired of the foolish foolery of foolish fools.

User Info: palkiavsdialga2

4 years ago#117
"Hey Scotty! Jesus, Man."

User Info: Shrek81

4 years ago#118
I use OGRE as mine. Havn't seen any funny ones in game so far.
Gt Shrek81

User Info: pblimp360

4 years ago#119
Pokemon_Rocker posted...
pblimp360 posted...
Mine, MERC.

Are you that one guy I met in BTB on Ragnarok whom was saying that he wanted to learn Halo 4 glitches, hacks and mods to be invincible and destroy enemy team?

lol No. I don't often use my mic, and I'd never ask someone that online. I was playing Ragnarok for a good while the other day though. So maybe I gamed with you and you saw my Spartan Tag/GT?

I'm one of the only level 70 players I see in BTB, so maybe that's the case. GT: Super Havoc
#Halo 4

User Info: javobi

4 years ago#120
I use "HOPE" and some team mates tend to copy my tag
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