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User Info: Chariloe

4 years ago#41
-Whenever a teammate dies, an X shows up to where they died.
-Teammate arrows being more apparent and changing colors when firing or getting shot.
-Being able to easily tell who killed you (seriously, it's different in here than in 3 or even Reach).
-Rumble Pit (yeah, this might get patched in, but still...).
-Elites in MP (although, I know why 343 didn't add them).
-The easier to read indications that show if someone is above or below you (Triangle/faint dot).
-Numbers for Emblems. :C
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User Info: rschroe3

4 years ago#42
X Killed y
X was Killed by Y

Now it just says
X killed Y

Regardless if they're on your team. Used to use that to determine when people where dead or alive....stupid instant spawn.
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User Info: xnxbxax

4 years ago#43
That huge desert map from Halo 3. Sand trap I think. Playing zombies with friends was amazing on that map. Most fun I've had in a halo game.

User Info: Erroneous_Snake

4 years ago#44
demonicshock posted...
bloodshed123 posted...
ShockWav3 posted...
Lol only trash dual wielded. You guys might as well wish to be the big bulky elites from halo 2 that had head hit boxes that covered the top half of their body.

How does duel wielding make someone trash? Grow up.

he's a typical elitist virgin expressing his individuality to people who make fun of him for wearing sweatpants and a fedora with a trench coat

There's really no polite way to say it. If you really have to ask that just proves you're bad, sorry. 343 honestly did you both a favor, giving you guys the option to dual wield would just mean you'd die more.
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User Info: Hank_with_a_Q

4 years ago#45
I second the Spectre missing in MP since 2. It was a viable side grade for the Warthog: increased mobility and more passenger space in exchange for a weaker turret and slower speed when not boosting. Made flag runs on Coagulation a lot of fun.

Also, dynamic maps from 2 and 3, where you can press buttons to open gates, lower barriers, etc. For example, Zanzibar, where part of the strategy in that map was not just guarding the flag or assault point, but also guarding the gate lock, because with the gate open now the hogs (or worse, TANK) cold more easily enter the base from the front. In maps like high ground, the defenders might actually open the gate voluntarily to pursue the enemy making off with the flag.

User Info: paullevesque

4 years ago#46
The chopper.

That vehicle was awesome; I was so disappointed they left it out of Reach.
Same with H4, tho this time there is a legitimate reason it's missing.

User Info: eastgotenks

4 years ago#47
jakisthe posted...
-Dual wielding
-That human grenade launcher from Reach
-Custom game options
-Forge World
-Good forge options
-Playing as a female spartan
-Brute weapons

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User Info: bearded_moose

4 years ago#48

dual wielding

brute weapons and vehicles

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User Info: blademeister_

4 years ago#49
-brute weapons/vehicles (just for customs even, now that I think about it the SMG, and some of the other guns/vehicles that have been removed over the years).
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User Info: SeikenZ

4 years ago#50
I dislike the Banshee controls in Halo 4. It's evasive actions feel too clunky now. Also, the moment I take I control of it, 10 seconds later it's shot down by a Spartan Laser or something else from across the map.
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