There will never be a Halo game that is considered "good" ever again

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User Info: lnknprk_45

4 years ago#11
Majoras_pants posted...
I've played Halo since the beginning. it's the only reason I even bother with consoles, since besides Halo I stick to PC games.

And yet, I still think Halo 4 is the best. Because I don't base my opinions on nostalgia.

Well that's kind of why good comparisons can never be made from a previous iteration of game to a newer one. Most people compare what their experience with the game was rather than comparing the actual game. Nostalgia is one biased son of a *****.

User Info: MetaIGearRex

4 years ago#12
Most of my friends and family think H4 is much better than Reach, I definitely think so.

I think it's better than 3 too.

User Info: Protoman_X38

4 years ago#13
I think they have all been good, even Reach (I have a few issues with it though). MLG and party chat have ruined the online experience imo.

User Info: WingZero0782

4 years ago#14
I like every single Halo game and my favourites are 3, 4, Reach and Wars, to me CE is the most boring and I believe a lot of people praise it because of nostalgia.

It just hasn't aged aswell as the newer ones and that mainly comes down to the gameplay and a lack of things, the Anniversary should've been better and added new stuff and connected the story better to Reach, all it is, is a straight up port with an HD makeover and added terminals.

People moan about 4's story and not having everything explained to them because they're too lazy to find the information like Terminals, SOS beacons, etc, when the other games were the same.
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User Info: Lugoves

4 years ago#15
Protoman_X38 posted...
I think they have all been good, even Reach (I have a few issues with it though). MLG and party chat have ruined the online experience imo.
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User Info: The_Archduke

4 years ago#16
Minjo26 posted...

The second reason is a much bigger factor. The mainstream FPS genre is just getting old. And when I say old, I don't necessarily mean boring and no one wants to play it anymore. (like the whole guitar hero phase)

so because i was pretty good at guitar hero, i broke down why guitar hero is no longer a series (you can't even buy new guitars anymore for it! do you know how frustrating that is hah)

1.) activision oversaturating the market (guitar hero aerosmith, metallica, van halen, world tour, 5, warriors of rock, smash hits, modern hits, band hero/dj hero all released within a couple years of eachother)

1a.) because everything was getting released so close to eachother, development for the game got rushed and they just recycled everything from the previous game. They didn't work on refining the hammer-on/off systems, the whole "swipe" solo thing was kinda dumb, etc. it was just a lack of effort by activision.

2.) people got too good at the game too quickly...tutorials on how to hit hard parts made it easy for players to get exponentially better in a short period of time

2a.) because of players getting too good, there was a shortage of "difficult" un-FCable songs so there were nothing to keep players playing.
Ex: The race for the Jordan FC, the TtFaF FC, The Devil Went Down to Georgia FC, Guitar Hero 2 full game FC, Guitar Hero 3 full game FC, etc.)

3.) I honestly think that GuitarHeroPhenom ruined the game for being too good. He like FC'ed everything so quickly there was no motivation for the rest of the world to try and FC got to a point where you were just like "oh did danny fc that yet" "yeah yesterday" "oh."

maybe someone will appreciate it/agree with me, but i was sad that guitar hero fell off cause that was the only game i was even close to good at :'(

also i want to note that GuitarHeroPhenom had extremely good technical skills; his ability to squeeze/his star paths were nowhere close to optimum which keeps him from being the best to ever play the game, score wise.
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User Info: The_Beanster

4 years ago#17
Halo 2 on XBL was mainstream.

Anyways, Halo 4 is considered good by most. Almost everyone agrees that it's better than Reach.

I think it's more accurate to say that people who want Halo 2/Halo 3 back will never consider another Halo game to be as good as those.

IMO this is because people want the competitive aspect back, and Bungie with Reach and now 343 with H4 have made it quite clear that their vision for the franchise is to move away from the competitive gameplay core which made up H2/H3.
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