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User Info: WingZero0782

4 years ago#41
pblimp360 posted...
From my thoughts on MP only...

3 = 4 > 2 > CE > Reach

3 had the best balance overall, and the MP maps were mostly great, second only to 2's.

4 is a close tie in balance, has a ton more options which I've had fun with, and the maps, while not as good as 2 & 3's are pretty good.

2 has the best maps in the series and good balance for maps, but the weapon balance, glitches and cheapness of BvR and such took away from it for me. I know some people liked that nonsense. I did not.

CE was mostly played between myself, family and friends, but we've probably logged more time on that than any other Halo since and we STILL pop the game in from time to time. Good maps, and pure nostalgia.

Reach had a few fun maps, mostly Forge variants lol and...that's about it honestly.


What about Campaign?

My order is for Campaign.
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User Info: EliteGuard99

4 years ago#42
MetaIGearRex posted...
EliteGuard99 posted...
The Beanster posted...
EliteGuard99 posted...

Halo 4 isn't a Halo game.

You can't include Reach on the list if you want to argue H4 isn't a Halo game, by the way.

H4 is more of a Halo game than Reach ever was.

Halo 4 is less of a Halo game, because that core gameplay was still partially there, Halo 4 though is just a second-rate COD game and nothing more.

Reach is still terrible though.

Bad Kid confirmed

hard to be bad in such a casual game
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User Info: SThiefN

4 years ago#43
2 > CE > 4 > 3 > Reach

in terms of strictly multiplayer gameplay
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User Info: pblimp360

4 years ago#45
WingZero0782 posted...
What about Campaign?

My order is for Campaign.

Oh, ok. Let me put your list here...

WingZero0782 posted...
3=4 >>> Reach >>> Wars >>> 2 >>> ODST >>> CE/CEA.

Campaign-wise mine would be...

3 = 4 > CE > 2 = Reach > ODST (I didn't play Wars to judge, but I've heard good things)

3 Excellent story and end to the trilogy, built around the Master Chief and the Arbiter, with an escape reminiscent of CE's escape from the PoA at the end, setting up for Halo 4. Great balance in weapons, great and challenging A.I., and very memorable moments throughout. 2 Scarabs battle (do I need to say more?)

4 Solid story which tied in pieces from all forms of fiction and media, (with Lasky being from Forward Unto Dawn), and the Librarian and Didact from the novels and terminals being fully realized and introduced. Great character moments for both Cortana and MC, along with the best in-game graphics and CGI of the series, which helped draw me completely in, along with solid new enemies and variety tied this with 3 imho.

CE Excellent premise from the start, from escaping the PoA, to landing on the Halo installation for the first time and stepping out of that lifeboat, to eventually meeting the Flood, until finally escaping the PoA again at the end. Narrative-wise, it's not as strong, and you don't connect with anyone outside of Keys and his fate, but to me, it still has the best stage design, and foreign appeal to all games outside of part 4.

2 Solid story, which showed us the Covenants motivation, and made them and the Arbiter relatable, and a solid plot. Decent stage design, which showcased New Mombasa (or what was left of it) which helped with the seriousness of the story. But the enemy A.I. was easily the cheapest in the series, which in turn made the campaign on Legendary the hardest outside of part 4's. And the ending left almost everybody wanting and upset.

Reach Outside of Halo 4 with the Chief and Cortana's issues, this was easily the most emotional story in the series. Honestly, having read the Fall of Reach, I knew where this was going, but seeing it happen and how selfless these Spartans were, along with the music, and hopelessness of the planet, it still hit me hard. I think the threat of the Covenant was made extremely clear.

ODST A decent brothers to the end type of story, but not as emotional as any in the main series imo. The gameplay at night theme was cool, and the weapon and enemy A.I. were as solid as part 3's (naturally). The only thing that really took things away for me, was the too open, open world. It sounds silly, I know, seeing as they were set in a city, and Halo is known for their open sandbox approach. But I think they needed a bit more linearity to the world as I and others often found themselves wondering around trying to find the objective.

So that's my thoughts. I do need to replay Halo 2 and ODST again soon though, as they aren't as fresh in my mind, and maybe I'm misjudging them here. I've recently played CE, 3, Reach and 4 to completion and in MP to accurately judge them. I can see how you came to your conclusions on some of these though.

#Halo 4

User Info: jenova

4 years ago#46
Reach and ODST were the best because you weren't an overpowered invincible Gary Stu. 2 sucked because the fight was left unfinished. 1 and 3 were better than 2, but not as good as Reach and ODST.

4 is trying something new, and it's leaving the comfort zone, like Reach and ODST did. I respect 343 for manning up and taking risks. We'll see if the Reclaimer Trilogy holds up over time.

Didn't play the 10th anniversary edition, as my original one works fine and I'm not a graphics WHORE.

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User Info: Retribution75

4 years ago#47
4 = 2 > 3 > CE >>>>>>>>>> Reach
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User Info: pigout666

4 years ago#48
2 > CE = 4 > 3 > Reach
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User Info: VoidBeyond

4 years ago#49
4 > CE > 2 > Reach > 3 > ODST

4 > 2 > 3 > Reach > CE
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User Info: Protoman_X38

4 years ago#50
Offender_Bender posted...
Didn't they remove bloom or something? Not that I really ever knew what it was...

People just made bloom up so they would feel better about losing. Same goes for most of the other complaints for Reach.
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