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User Info: haloiscoolisbak

4 years ago#71
Even Bungie will tell you CE was their best campaign. I mean come on now.

User Info: WebsandWigs

4 years ago#72
haloiscoolisbak posted...
Even Bungie will tell you CE was their best campaign. I mean come on now.

Seriously, some people here are so desperate to have a unique opinion they're just throwing reason out the window.

User Info: The_Beanster

4 years ago#73
Duwstai posted...
From: The Beanster | #009
ShockWav3 posted...
Although I feel like both would be above this, but Halo 2 only gets such a good spot for BxR, double shot, and quick reloads. Without those glitches I would rank it way lower.

You just named several of the things that made H2 worse than H3.

What an absolutely terrible opinion. Let me guess, you sucked at Halo 2?

Nope. Mid 30s in several lists. BxR was a glitch that should have been fixed, same as superbouncing and cross map sword lunging (which did actually get fixed).

And yes I could do the glitches. However, some people like yourself seem to think that glitches = skill, and that's not the case. Glitches = broken, by definition.

Sword was a true power weapon... you shouldn't need a glitch to deal with it, you just needed teamwork/stickies/shotgun.

Glitches + tons of online cheaters = not a great matchmaking game compared to Halo 3. Like I said, it's a better LAN tournament game because it's hitscan and has a better BR, but Halo 3 is the better online matchmaking game.

Let me guess, you sucked at Halo 3?
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User Info: pblimp360

4 years ago#74
^ I agree with, Beanster here. 3 was just better balanced in most every way, and had a better matchmaking system. The cheapness of players online in Halo 2 took away from it imho. Too many glitches and those willing to exploit them.
#Halo 4

User Info: __bale

4 years ago#75
CE > Reach > 4 > 2 > 3

User Info: Geomagnus

4 years ago#76
Out of the ones I've played:


User Info: faxmachne

4 years ago#77

I love them all but this is my experience

keep in mind that i never played 2 online, but the story was nothing on the others

reach had a great story as did odst

4 has may fave multiplayer, 3 the best story

4 was a good story until the end, which was poor

WARS was bad
Thanks to the guy who blabbed on my old one

User Info: ViktorMax

4 years ago#78
2 > Reach TU > 3 > 4 > CE > Reach
True dat.

User Info: Melfiice

4 years ago#79
My opinion is 2>Reach>4>3...2 is probably more nostalgia for me though, so its really reach and this game that are up there for me. I really hated the maps in 3 for some reason.

User Info: ViktorMax

4 years ago#80
I think H4 has the worst release day maps. Every map is horrible except for Haven and maybe Solace (which is still kinda meh...). Too many ways to get to each place on the map. Map control is joke in this game.

At least Reach had Zealot, Countdown and Asylum (Sanc basically). Those were a nice core of 3 maps. H4 has no core... only has Haven.
True dat.
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