It's nice when you see players who's main colour isn't black or white.

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  3. It's nice when you see players who's main colour isn't black or white.

User Info: Bloodmoon77

4 years ago#61
I go for straight gold. I feel ballsy and cool because I rarely see people with it.
"A man chooses, a slave obeys."-Andrew Ryan

User Info: darren19822000

4 years ago#62
green is the green grass, green trees, and green herbs.
gt darren reefnugs

User Info: RebornKusabi

4 years ago#63
My character's color scheme is a gaudy and flamboyant Green with red linings. Why? Because.
"The whole ending to MGS2 is a clusterf***. The game was good and then *POW* La Li Lu Le Lo and S.O.P.A. for about 45 minutes." -hankyhank3416

User Info: MysticHomer

4 years ago#64
I main White/Red, but sometimes, whenever I feel like it, or if there's a Lakers game that day, I switch to Purple/Gold or Gold/Purple :D
X360 GT: Mystic H

User Info: FlaminFro

4 years ago#65
Purple/Pink master race

User Info: xstrudel

4 years ago#66
Steel/Gray because Raiders. Also why are you such a hipster TC?
There was this one time the Turians tried to wipe out our entire race. That was fun.

User Info: empireoffire

4 years ago#67
Orange/Blue, because why the **** not?
size does not matter....weight does.
other aliases: gamefreak043, Cyborg-Kangaroo, Joe The Smurf

User Info: _Gladiator_

4 years ago#68
Main is red and secondary is white.
Don't be hatin' on Carmine, hundreds of them die every day to keep your ass safe from pale steroid abusers. - Sic_GloryFades

User Info: OLDBOYvicious

4 years ago#69
NovaLevossida posted...
__Fiale__ posted...
30% population - All white. "I'm so angelic n different n stuffs!"

EOD, stormtrooper. Get on my level.

^this, plus, I tried making my emblem look as much like darth vader as possible
DEFEND YOUR 7-11 ! ! ! ! ! C'mon, Spartans, those Doritos aren't going to eat themselves ! We need an Or-Dew-nance drop on crimson's position NOW !

User Info: thegeekguy

4 years ago#70
depending on the armor i'm wither white and green, or green and white with the tag "MINT"
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  3. It's nice when you see players who's main colour isn't black or white.

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