What frustrates you the most about multiplayer?

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User Info: Chariloe

5 years ago#1
What frustrates you the most about the multiplayer? - Results (151 votes)
21.85% (33 votes)
Flinching when getting shot while scoped
5.96% (9 votes)
11.26% (17 votes)
Being slowed down by bullets
13.91% (21 votes)
1.99% (3 votes)
'Nade spam
4.64% (7 votes)
Lack of a skill system
9.27% (14 votes)
Join In Progess
13.91% (21 votes)
1.99% (3 votes)
Other (specify)
15.23% (23 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Pretty much what the title says. I'm a bit curious to what the community has to say. For me it's getting slowed down by bullets. It makes it super hard to run away when getting ganged up on, especially with guns like the AR and BR, but that's just my opinion.
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User Info: Xavier-Horovitz

5 years ago#2
Lack of skill system.

User Info: DieRomantiic

5 years ago#3
Lags been getting pretty crazy for me. And i dont mind the gun itself but damn do i hate teams of boltshot campers.
Before the Nightmare

User Info: Moukaryuu

5 years ago#4
I was playing Spartan Ops online the other night and some **** thought it would be funny to blow up my Mantis every single time I got in one. I got pretty heated and asked why he was doing that. His response was that he paid for the game and can play it any way he wants. I hate d-bags like that most about online in any game. Everything else, I can deal with.
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User Info: Juletider

5 years ago#5
Join in Progress. 4 games on the bounce i joined a losing team who where outnumbered. NOT FUN GUYS

User Info: CuriousCrab

5 years ago#6
Can only pick one?


User Info: Darbus_31

5 years ago#7
Join in progress. I don't mind joining a friends game or new players joining 'cuz others have left. I just wish that it was an option to join random matches. It sucks to join losing teams or games with less than 2 minutes left.

User Info: Ajd_King

5 years ago#8
Other: Dickfaces.

User Info: BurnsDepartment

5 years ago#9
Charged Boltshot.
If I'm in its instakill range, I'm dead. If I'm a little out of it, they can bring me down by running at me. If I'm any further than that, they can back out of my Storm Rifle's effective range and gun me down with a DMR.

There is no winning against it, and even worse, I've picked it up myself a few times and not found it hard to use in the least.

User Info: Urdnot_Runt

5 years ago#10
Other. No search for Custom Games.

Seriously, WTF is up with that? If they had done more to foster instead of Gimp the forging community, it would add even more staying power to an already big multiplayer community.

In this current trend of moving towards easier and more powerful online collaboration and sharing, it just boggles my mind that they haven't done more to enable the forging community on halo to flourish.

I'm sure they'll add some forge maps into matchmaking in the future which will be cool. I really, really hope they add a custom games search. Halo is more of a community than other games because of stuff like that.
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