What do you think will happen to lead into halo 5?(spoilers)

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User Info: Mista_M

5 years ago#1
Nothing really seems to be going on now that the didact is gone. What do you think will happen?

Do you think MC will get paired with a new AI? or will something happen regarding Cortana? or maybe no AI at all?

The Chief is getting older, unless he goes to cryo sleep the events of halo 5 can't be that far away right? Who could that enemy be?

I think that maybe the forerunners will return in full force. They could come up with some reason for it..such as they were living on the other ark or a shield world.

User Info: GeneralKenobi85

5 years ago#2
I have no idea. It's very similar to Halo: CE in that regard. I'm assuming Chief will be getting the new MJOLNIR Mark VII armor to replace the Mark VI at the very least. As for the story, I guess Spartan Ops is there to bridge the gap. And the books as well.
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User Info: CKnight

5 years ago#3

MC age doesn't matter, the Librarian spead up his evolution which is how he survived the beam that wasted everyone on that station. Regardless of his age, it seems he'll get stronger and stronger in this trilogy.

Also without the Didact(I think he's alive) between Halo 4 and 5 humans should continue to fight rogue Covenant factions and left over Promethean forces. I think MC will have a new AI.

User Info: DjSparx162

5 years ago#4
for some reason i can see chief with an AI of Laskey, they put a lot of emphasis on him in the run up and in 4 for him to just be that guy you speak to every now and again in campaign, i think he's got a much bigger role to play. and lets face is Hasley made an AI out of her brain tissue, i'm sure she could do it again with someone elses tissue.

User Info: GeneralKenobi85

5 years ago#5
Or Halsey could just make a new AI that's similar to Cortana. And Lasky can be the sidekick like he's already going to be.
Ah, yes, the Negotiator: General Kenobi
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User Info: Phr34kyMonkey

5 years ago#6
The Librarian and the Didact both mention or at least hint that the MC AND Cortana are special. We get that the MC is years in the making and being shaped to be genetically perfect, but they also mention that Cortana is a very unique advanced AI. I think there's going to be a thing where the Chief has a new AI, and is finding the "Mantle", if it is a physical object.

What I predict happening is this:

Chief is finding new tech on this forerunner world. New Villain (or the Didact if he's not dead) is released. Out of no where, the Librarian is also embedded on another planet, has a copy of Cortana, and bam they are reunited.

I know its a bit of a stretch, but when the Librarian grabbed Cortana, I figured it was more than just a briefing. They can fudge some lore and whatnot, but I do not think they would let Cortana go that easily. She's a staple of the series.

Also, I think MC will end up having new powers in the feature games, although this might make people bemoan the new direction. It would be cool though to see him use abilities like the Didact instead of AA, but that's deviating from this lore and reaching into ME.
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User Info: Xenvar

5 years ago#7
There is no way the Didact is dead. He is a very important figure in the Halo universe and all that really happened was that he fell off the bridge at the end. Teleportation and levitation are both things demonstrated frequently by forerunner tech.

Considering that the MC survived a nuclear explosion at point blank range thanks to Cortana; it is very likely that most of the ship survived as well and it jumped to slipspace with her aboard. She is important to the librarian's plan as stated in the game, and the Didact found her interesting too.

I predict Halo 5 will deal with the return of the Didact and the rescue of Cortana who is being studied by him.
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User Info: combat_wombat6

5 years ago#8
Cortana points out that there is a slip space "event" below the composer when you first get to it at the end. Didact fell into this.

Now going back to the book first strike, the slip space bubble fight, it is very likely that the didact is simply in slipspace at the moment.
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User Info: superh

5 years ago#9
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User Info: Kactusman

5 years ago#10
Halo 5 is supposed to be the darkest halo yet.
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