So did 343 even test their own game?

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User Info: Twinmold

5 years ago#51
ITT: The forever alone kids try to attack people who socialize.

User Info: kollie89

5 years ago#52
Bosniak10 posted...
Okay look. I'm only going to explain this once so follow me:

1) Game is coded and put onto disc.
2) It is then shipped out to retailers or online stores without being tested.
3) Fans buy the game and find glitches/bugs and rage about them on forums such as gamefaqs.
4) The developers see the complaints and fix the problems with something called a "patch"..although you can only get this online. Tough luck for you and your friends.
5) As a thank you for testing the game the developers release new content (called DLC)..which we also must buy and test.
6) The cycle continues until the final DLC which we test but get nothing in return, only the developer running away with our money.

The end.

um I couldnt help but notice your I seriously a well known troll? I actually ask lots of questions to help myself and potentially others......

User Info: kyleh614

5 years ago#53
Icefrio posted...
If Reach was any indication, they (MS, Bungie, 343, pretty much any 360 dev) don't really care about couch Co-op anymore. Or LAN. It's quite sad, but yeah, don't expect anything to be done about it. They'll happily sacrifice splitscreen play for better graphics, since the latter sells better.

What was wrong with Reach co-op? At least with that you could play the single player campaign with random people. Can't even do that in Halo 4.
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  3. So did 343 even test their own game?

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