Specialisation codes ITT.

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User Info: HellBender

4 years ago#81
Did they start sending codes out?

User Info: enderspace

4 years ago#82
I believe I deserve a code because of the following...

This term has been rough. I am a college student taking three re-takes to up my GPA to get into a major university in my state. These three classes have been extremely challenging, but I am holding at least a 92% in each class with two weeks to go. My average week involves about 45 hours of school work, 25-30 hours of regular work, time with the girlfriend and kids.

We had thanksgiving at the girlfriend's family's place this year. I was feeling extremely ill that day... I was lightheaded to the point it was making me nauseous and sweaty. I tried to keep it together around all these new people, but I ended up having to take several trips outside to cool down.

They had dinner while I lied in the bed of someone I had met 30 minutes previous. My kids were great and tried to take care of me, but I encouraged them to partake in delicious turkey. I slept for a while (totally woke up drooling) until they were ready to leave. The ride home was a nightmare and I thought I was going to be sick the entire time.

I slept about 19 of the 24 hours that day. I had a lot of school work to do over the weekend, so on Friday I got an early start even though I was extremely under the weather (not nearly as bad as the day before, though). I come to find out I spent about two hours on an assignment that wasn't due and also lost my reference list which was completed on campus and not saved.

At the end of it all, I'm feeling much better now and I submitted all my assignments on time. The worst part of all of this? All of the leftovers we were able to take home have been eaten. I didn't get to have any turkey this week, but I put on a nice face and told my girlfriend I had leftovers the other day while she was at work. In actuality I've had some bread, soup and some scrambled eggs just to get something in my system.

You know what? I'm sure others probably deserve it more than me, and that's fine. It feels good just to be able to share with someone how hard it's been for me recently. Sucky week, but hey, I'm passing all of my classes, so I guess things could be much worse.
(message deleted)

User Info: MlCKHEAD

4 years ago#84
^ Wow someone really wants that avatar stuff.
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