What is so good about Promethean Vision???

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User Info: Auron772

4 years ago#41
chamber29 posted...
Auron772 posted...
mike468 posted...
rickyskater19 posted...
nothings good about it, its called a radar

Promethean vision lets you see players who have active camo activated. When running around it's extremely easy to overlook someone using camo if you don't use promethean vision. It also lets you get a jump on players coming around corners or make sure your not going to get ambushed yourself from players hiding in corners.

This. I use camo A LOT and the only time I get killed usually is when I see the guy had Promethean vision in the kill cam.

I kill AC players all the time and never use PV, "Oh there are a ton of blue dots to my left, no teammates around..."
throw grenade, dude freaks out and becomes visible

You'd be surprised by how 99% of the time no one ever even comes to check. Of course, I usually do defense on objective games so it's much easier when people aren't paying attention.
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User Info: Hobospartan

4 years ago#42
From: MagustheHagus | #002
They can see everything on the field and cloaked enemies, but can they see why kids love cinnamon toast crunch!

Seriously considering sigging this.
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User Info: tranceaddict19

4 years ago#43
MagustheHagus posted...
They can see everything on the field and cloaked enemies, but can they see why kids love cinnamon toast crunch!

post of the year!

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User Info: chaotix42

4 years ago#44
TeeWee posted...
mike468 posted...
TeeWee posted...
Actually, using active camo makes you invisible to PV through walls.

Not true, I've caught players through walls using active camo with PV. Particularly in the little nooks on Haven.

Try it out in a custom game or forge... If they're behind a wall and are using AC you won't see them, I can guarantee that.

Yup. I noticed this on Complex. Dudes were using AC & sniping from the main rooftop. As I went up the back ramp I activated PV and could not see the cloaked snipers through the wall/ramp. As I popped my head up there they were in plain sight, but just green silhouettes and not bright red ones.
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User Info: iTzKiiiNG

4 years ago#45
whoever says PV is useless is beyond goofy.. its the only thing I use on all of my classes. it is invaluable. radar is amazing but like stated before it is always good to know exactly what your opponent is doing.
I read alot of these message boards and from what I've learned half of these people posting do not no jack crap about the things they post, they just post there opinions. all a person needs to do is play a few games online and you will see how many horrible players there are out there. the players with a .5 kd, that always use vehicles, can't shoot a dmr for crap, use AC and duck walk.

I just laugh at all these comments of people who don't know what there talkn about.. so to these people please keep using your auto sentry, your active camo, jetpack, stupid vehicles. and I will keep ripping your face off with my dmr.

I can't tell you how many kills and how many times PV has saved my life. you just have to no how to use it

User Info: MlCKHEAD

4 years ago#46
Falloutgenuis posted...
Thruster Packs master race!

User Info: EmperorLinkX

4 years ago#47
i wouldn't talk about people not knowing anything with all those grammar mistakes, just saying.

every armor ability has its own strengths and weaknesses. i can see how promethean vision can be useful, i just personally dont use it. the thruster pack seems to be the most useless because of its low distance, but i still use it on one of my loadouts.
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User Info: The_Beanster

4 years ago#48
PV is easily the best AA at least for 4v4 gametypes... the awareness boost it gives you is unparalleled. You can almost always know if you're entering a fight with an advantage, a disadvantage, or neither. That's unbelievably important and helpful.

Jetpack is the only other AA which I could see having as much usefulness, but I play bumper jumper and the jetpack is too difficult to use well with that control scheme (and since I almost exclusively use PV it's not a big deal).

People who think that PV is just for noobs who don't know the maps have no idea what they're missing by not using PV.
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User Info: patkelly929

4 years ago#49
dragnhuntr666 posted...
Sorry, but someone using Wetworks Stealth Perk can't be seen through walls with PV. That in it of itself makes PV useless. Combine stealth with AC and that is a perfect ambusher, if the person can pull it off right.

The problem with this argument is that the player needs to be at least level SR60 to use a support skill to counter an armor ability you can get as your first unlock.

Yes, it works, but the gap between the ability and the counter is way too large for it to be a simple counter.

Promethean Vision is very good, almost too good. Key word is almost. Playing smart can out-do Promethean Vision. You sacrifice flight, invisibility, shielding, etc. for it which is fine. But in the case of the Hardlight Shield, you're giving up much more to use it. That balance of loss vs gain is skewed when looking at the big picture in Armor Abilities.

I shouldn't need to wait for a second support skill for invisibility to be an effective choice if everyone can run Promethean Vision with the fast Ability Cooldown support skill, effectively always being able to see through walls.

I also think that putting the ability to see through walls was a big enough mistake for any multiplayer game (I'm looking at you Farsight from Perfect Dark), but to also make it such that you can see cloaked enemies is just going too far.
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User Info: bearded_moose

4 years ago#50
Promethean Vision...
the perk for campers and people who can't use their radar.

now Hologram... Hologram is the best friend of a devious mind.
-Every fanboy needs a troll to keep him disillusioned.
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