Do you think that the Halo series needs a new protagonist?

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User Info: Mr_Feesh

4 years ago#31
Getting overly attached to Maestro Chef seems like getting attached to a pet rock, to be honest. He's a lifeless chunk of "solider game hero" ore, even though this new trilogy was supposed to be more character driven (or something).

User Info: zerobobo

4 years ago#32
Urdnot_Runt posted...
Anyway, back on topic, ugh no. Replacing master chief is insanity. "Yeah, let's just replace him for the last two games, the explanation won't be convoluted at all and the fanbase will really connect with the new hero"...not.

zerobobo posted...
when your goofy AI in spartan ops feels more like a person than the protagonist of the entire series, thats a problem.

No, it becomes a actual major defining element of the character himself, just like how cortana was always the more human of the two, that's THE WHOLE POINT. Which they did a masterful job of playing off of in halo 4.

so his character arch is about how little character and personality he has? AWESOME!
seriously, Cortana carried the story because she had personality and played off of chiefs lack of personality, now that she's gone. well chief is kinda a non-character again.

a good way to tell if a character is well developed is to try and describe the person without saying what they look like, their occupation, or role in the story. you can't do that with master chief.

another good character exercise is to imagine them in a normal situation. how would the chief act at a resturant, how would he act at a party, how would he act shopping for groceries. how would he act on the infinity when theres no combat, he's just in the mess hall with the spartan 4's and other marines. what would he do aside from sit there?

he's all super-soldier, all duty all orders, only military. he might as well be a blank robot with no personality at all, no dialogue, just a vehicle to move from action set-piece to action set-piece. because thats pretty much what he is.

he's honestly the most empty, poorly written, and pointless protagonist of any game, movie, book, or anything i can even think of right now. outside his job and his role he is literally nothing. he's boring.
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User Info: zerobobo

4 years ago#34
Average_Potato posted...
So odd question, Bobo. How do you know the game is worse now that Cortana is gone and Chief will be a non-character?

because he'd have to slowly develop a character to be even remotely believable. since he had so little and what little we saw was playing off Cortana only. you'd have to make a character arch to get him to be on par with standard side characters.

i say it'd have to be slow since well with such an established character with such well known blandness having a hard swing into full blown personality-town would be goofy as hell. unless he has some sort of massive mental break down and all his years of military discipline and training from his entire life comes undone and he regresses to the mind of a child before becoming a spartan. THAT could be cool, but they wouldnt do that, it'd actually be interesting.

imagine an angry 6 year old in master chiefs body with subconscious military training and instinct. that'd be pretty scary. masterchief throwing a childs temper tantrum taking out half a military base in the process

thats actually a really cool idea. it's what i'd do if i were writing it. he's supposed to have severe mental problems right? he just lost cortana that loss could make him snap.regress to his childhood, then you spend halo 5 trying to find Johns family since he's a "little boy" desperately looking for his parents and killing everything in his path.
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User Info: singhellotaku

4 years ago#35
Yes, but I generally think most games should swap around protagonists every other game, though I guess we have had 3 Halo games that did not use the MC as the hero and 4 that did, which means they do swap him out every other game.

User Info: Elemayowe

4 years ago#36
I was wondering this yesterday, after playing spartan ops and watching this weeks episode, I'm wondering how far 343i will decide to take Gabriel Thorne's character.

User Info: High_Warlord

4 years ago#37
No, I don't think Halo needs a new protagonist, I love Chief.

BUT, I do wish that you could wear your own armor in co-op campaign games or something. Having two Chiefs is kind of weird and is never really acknowledged in co-op anyways.
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User Info: DamorahTalset

4 years ago#38
While not as bad, I got modded with a 3 karma loss for saying the most famous and well known spoiler in the history of video games to the point it's probably not a spoiler any more, Aeris dies.

So yeah, they're very strict about it.
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User Info: demonicshock

4 years ago#39
Average_Potato posted...
TheIastspartan posted...
Average_Potato posted...
Are you guys saying that Noble 6 didn't live through Halo Reach?

That's a massive spoiler.

*his death is implied in literally the very first scene*

*considers it a spoiler*


I am talking to you from this account because I was temporarily banned for saying that Halopedia says Noble 6 could be alive.
The moderators said that any spoiler from any game at any time is a serious offense.

I argued that by that logic, simply suggesting Master Chief is in Halo 4 is also a spoiler for Halo CE, 2, and 3 because it tells you that he survives. But their response was literally, "People expect the protagonist to live so that's not a spoiler".

Reach has been out for over 2 years. QQ
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User Info: Guyver84

4 years ago#40
xTreefiddy350x posted...
No. The role of MC has always been good IMO, but it is just starting to get better and more interesting.
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