Halo:Reach vs Halo 4 Armor Comparison

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User Info: Fade_Chokes

4 years ago#11
The helmets are way better in this game, but everything else kind of is forgettable. Besides fktus and venator, although I feel like you get way more options here, but unlike reach they aren't mostly based on campaign armor of other Spartans.
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User Info: ramzariot

4 years ago#12
I really did prefer the Gungnir helmet in Reach.
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User Info: jihadwarrior

4 years ago#13
They really dumbed a lot of things down, giving me the feel the game was rushed when it came to details that really set the game off. At it's core the game is good, but I'm really taking solace in the fact they have 5 and 6 to get it right. It's a damn shame we put up with this kinda stuff as gamers though.
I wan't Invasion back. The armor is lacking in customization, you unlock the armor, and an armor skin. That's a huge drop off in quality.
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User Info: Shrek81

4 years ago#14
I personally miss my armor effects. Nothing like dying and flooding the enemies screen with hearts. Also the Grenadier or Commando helmet should make a comeback, since I don't really like any of 4's helmets.
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User Info: EyeSeeNo1

4 years ago#15
The armor looks ****ing stupid and that's why there isn't much hype for it. I mean very few of the armors look like something practical for a Spartan. It's like 343 was just like "dis looks cool! spikey armor and ooo lets put the visor wherever it looks cool on the helmet".

Oh, and ****ing armor skins. Seriously, most of the variants aren't even noticeable and like 90% of them are only visible if you're using some vibrant color.

User Info: MagnaLynx21

4 years ago#16
Imo, the art style for this game is awful in comparison to the other games.

I preferred the somewhat campy sci-fi 'space man' style the Spartans had, and it was much more brighter and more colourful which I felt suited Spartans better, as it made them stand out more than the average UNSC solider. (As well as the height of course, but you know.)

The problem with the art in Halo 4 is that it's a lot darker and a lot more metallic and robotic, and none of the bright colours you can choose from suit the armor. A lot of it is also a lot more sharp and razor like, which seems a bit much when most of the helmets don't have a practical visor to use.
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User Info: NovaLevossida

4 years ago#17
Kage-No_Kaze posted...
Personally my only beef with Halo 4's armor is the absence of things like this http://www.halopedia.org/MJOLNIR_Powered_Assault_Armor/Assault_variant
I really loved all the little things like this and the accessory slots in Reach.

Going to agree with this. Halo 4 armor just seems like it lacks details. It's mostly just blocks of metal that they shaped differently, like they beat it with a hammer. No real detail to anything apart from the metal shape itself.
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User Info: KurtHectic

4 years ago#18

User Info: yohabroha

4 years ago#19
No hype around the armor is the best thing that happened to halo 4. People make their character look so idiotic, reach was a joke. Less armor customization and more stances please.
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User Info: PatrickG02

4 years ago#20
I'm using pathfinder and i look almost exactly like Samus Aran
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