why are spartans mostly just white? 99% caucasion and 1% minority..

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  3. why are spartans mostly just white? 99% caucasion and 1% minority..

User Info: BansheeNTDmode

4 years ago#71
So is this a everyone here is a racist topic? Master chief is actually black he's just light skinned.

User Info: L0Z

4 years ago#72
please half of noble team wasnt white.

kat was israeli, jorge some kind of hispanic.
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User Info: cadillacactor

4 years ago#73
Spider5800 posted...
I'm confused where you're getting this stat. In Reach we had Emile and Jun, 33% of noble team, and in Halo 4 there's Hoya, 20% of team Majestic. We don't really see any other spartans besides MC and Palmer in the games, but even including them that's still more than 1%.

And don't forget, Sgt Johnson was an early Spartan level guy... and obviously not white.

Wait, TC, are you color blind??
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User Info: docholliday504

4 years ago#74
Catherine Halsey is a renowned racist.
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User Info: Samurai162

4 years ago#75
Nonproduce posted...
Apparently, the slogan is "White is right, Black is whack"
I wish we had firefight voices in multiplayer to bring out diversity

That would be awesome! I can imagine the Jun voice:

*snipes someone*

"What? Dont like my cooking??"

User Info: Wolfsangel90

4 years ago#76
BurnsDepartment posted...
Average_Potato posted...
BurnsDepartment posted...
You realize that the term "caucasian" or however you spell it originated with a racist system of classification that put white folks on top? And "oriental" is, to my knowledge, heavily linked to racist stereotyping of Chinese folks as mysterious, magical, inscrutable types?

Outside of that and the fact that you're an obvious troll, you make a good point. Most Spartans are whiter than driven snow on the queen of England's head, because hey, unconscious racism.
Of course, you'll not have much luck convincing this board of that.

What are you, a racist conspiracy theorist? You're wrong on all accounts... Pick up a history book once in a while.

The term "Caucasian" was used to refer to people from Caucasus regions in Europe. Its not racial at all. Its not like some sort of designation of kings or higher class, its that people with pale skin originated from the Caucasus region and therefore we called them Caucasians. It eventually came to be an umbrella term for everybody white. It wasn't about race at all.

"Oriental" designated people from the Orient. It means "East" in latin. Its not any more offensive then when European people refer to themseves as people from the West. They used Greece as their middle point, and designated everything west of greece as the West and everything east of Greece as the East.
They weren't thinking of them as mythical fairy people, they were like "Those guys are east of us, so let's call them people from the east." Its also got nothing to do with race.

No, not a racist conspiracy theorist, I just try to listen to anti-racism activists, being a white person in a neighborhood so white I cannot remember the last time I actually saw a person of colour in real life, thus being a bit lacking in personal experience of racism.

Okay origin or no, I'm still pretty sure Oriental as a term has become linked to such stereotyping even if it did not start that way.
Caucasian, I'll have to ask folks about; thanks for the tip, stranger.

lol, so you're an isolated little suburban video-gaming white boy nerd that likes to shout "RACIST" every chance he gets to try and deter people from the fact that you actually have no idea what you're talking about when it comes to race? Because thats whats it sounds like, man.

Also, good job crying "racist" at any word used to identify a particular race, and then backtracking and admitting you don't actually know why you said that....

Yup, good luck convincing this board of all the "unconscious racism" at work all around us. I guess everyone here is far to nieve and ignorant to possibly comprehend the grand scale of the racist Halo conspiracy, Mr "I've never even met a minority."

Try using the intenetz better in the future, or at least, I pray to God that you don't act like that in real life upon your first enchanted meeting of a black man.
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