Why didn't anybody complain about the DMR back in Reach?

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  3. Why didn't anybody complain about the DMR back in Reach?

User Info: Sahduk

4 years ago#11
What? Everyone I know *****ed about the DMR in any non zb playlist we played at least once a game.
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User Info: High_Warlord

4 years ago#12
People complained about the DMR all the time...

Well it was more-so just about the "bloom" it had, but still.
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User Info: bearded_moose

4 years ago#13
cobaltlotus posted...
It was ass in Reach.

In H4, it's imbalanced because it outclasses LITERALLY every other gun in the game, you have access from level 2, and EVERYONE starts with it because people have no taste, or interest in variety.

It's really a very forgiving and unskilled Sniper. Turning every match into some lame cross-map bull**** is just annoying every time I play H4.

my stats:

DMR kills/deaths: 254/942

BR kills/deaths: 536/486

Carbine kills/deaths: 1435/52

yeah, nobody uses the effing carbine...that thing is sex.
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User Info: Chariloe

4 years ago#14
Light Rifle all the way.
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User Info: Elemayowe

4 years ago#15
As someone said earlier, Reach had only 2 precision weapons. They worked well at the same ranges, but I think needle rifle had slightly slower RoF and possibly slightly weaker shots, compensated for by the supercombine effect.

User Info: That1Guyy

4 years ago#16
The needle rifle fired faster than the DMR, but the super combine wasn't an advantage because the DMR killed in 3 body shots as well. Additionally, the needle rifle does almost no health damage to the body, so it was a poor teamshotting weapon unless your teammate also had a needle rifle for the super combine.
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  3. Why didn't anybody complain about the DMR back in Reach?

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