How is Sarah Palmer commander of all Spartans??

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User Info: The_Madness

5 years ago#1
She is without a doubt the most annoying character I have ever seen in the entire series. How she is a commissioned officer, no less commander of all Spartans on UNSC Infinity I'll never know.

Her attitude would get her court martialed so fast. Her disdain for science goes against everything humanity has achieved because of it. She is a Spartan because of science, her abilities, her augmentations etc.

I can't believe the direction they've taken for Spartan-IV's... I mean Spartan-II's were obviously raised from birth and are genetically perfect, but compare Spartan-III's like Carter, Jun, even Emile. They command real respect, they know their role, and they serve it.

Commander Palmer is like some "dude-bro" approach to making spartan-IV's accessible, but their dialogue is ridiculous.

Heck even Miranda Keyes would seem to make a better Commander than Palmer ever would. If Didact or the Prometheans capture her, I wouldn't care. She's as brash and dumb as the captain of the infinity was in the start.

User Info: jihadwarrior

5 years ago#2
Anyone Jennifer Hale voices I instantly fall in love with. Couldn't disagree with you more man.
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User Info: Link43130

5 years ago#3
its almsot as if the point of the character is to get you to dislike the spartan IVs but why would they ever do that
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User Info: VoicelessAmber

5 years ago#4
She definitely does need to receive an uppercut to the stomach, that's for sure.
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User Info: Microwave_Oven

5 years ago#5
because women who behave rarely make history
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User Info: biohazard1775

5 years ago#6
The military sucks at promoting people anyway.

User Info: The_Madness

5 years ago#7
jihadwarrior posted...
Anyone Jennifer Hale voices I instantly fall in love with. Couldn't disagree with you more man.

Did I say Jennifer Hale? What kind of reasoning is this? That because you like their voice-over actor/actress you like the character?

I said the character Sarah Palmer, Commander of all Spartans aboard the UNSC Infinity. She is such a poor example of a commissioned officer, has no respect for authority, has poor grammar skills, keeps saying "eggheads", insults Halsey who the original Spartan-II's consider their mom basically and hold in high esteem, and is so annoying and whiny.

If I was a Spartan-IV, I'd rather go AWOL and leave the Spartan program than have to work for her.

Look at Miranda Keyes from the original trilogy. There was someone you could believe would be a Commander or take orders from. Sarah Palmer is such a laugh of a dudebro character, I get so annoyed.

Whoever does the writing for her needs to fix it, otherwise she will easily become of the most hated characters in the franchise, when in essence they are trying to make her like a Sgt. Johnson.

User Info: demollyon

5 years ago#8
i kinda hate that i must obey commands from her...

User Info: Adamska

5 years ago#9
343 made the Spartan 4s as close to the Halo community as they could. Hence all the "lol noob. lol science. lol authority" lines.
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User Info: Demigod_Elessar

5 years ago#10
I hate both Sarah Palmer AND Jennifer Hale. Oh boy, I bet most of you want to kill me right now, eh?

Never understood why everyone gets such a hard on for Hale's voice.
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