What power weapons do you suck with that other people are good with?

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User Info: MegaBeast07

4 years ago#21
Splaser and Scattershot. im 50/50 w/the FRCannon.
I do pretty well w/the other ordinance/power weapons.
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User Info: Spider5800

4 years ago#22
Rail gun. Don't like it. Feels like I'm using a spartan laser that can't zoom and sucks against vehicles. Only gotten one kill with it, only died to it once.
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User Info: Crazyplayer042

4 years ago#23
I'm surprisingly good with the railgun. I'd say I have a 70% hit rate with it or so, maybe an extra 10% if you count splash hits (then I just switch to my secondary).

I really suck with the human sniper rifle. I'm okay with the scattershot, but not very. I'm terrible with the shotgun because I don't camp with it. I'm envious of people who can properly use that damn sticky launcher.
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User Info: ZERO_X02

4 years ago#24
Sniper Rifle

Scattershot and Shotgun too, but that's because everyone else spawns with a better shotgun (Boltshot).
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User Info: JJ_Wheezy

4 years ago#25
Sniper and Beam Rifle. I'm terrible at sniping in this game, but was ok at it in reach.

User Info: Zeusty

4 years ago#26
Scattershot is not a power weapon -_-

User Info: phillyeagles123

4 years ago#27
I wouldn't say I'm good with any power weapons, only competent, but here's the weapons I'm terrible with:

Spartan Laser
Any sniper rifle
Rocket Launcher

User Info: Pacman2dx

4 years ago#28
DieRomantiic posted...
Railgun, i get no shields down and splash damage. Enemies insta kill me, go figure.

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User Info: Chariloe

4 years ago#29
Concussion rifle. I can't use that thing to save my life...
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User Info: jwhudexnls

4 years ago#30
Sticky detonator for me, I'm just not good with it.
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