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Why do we have a railgun?

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User Info: MechaKirby

5 years ago#1
I dont see why its in since Rockets do a better job.
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User Info: AyumiSqueezetoy

5 years ago#2
because it's coooool.
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User Info: Delta_F14

5 years ago#3
Railgun is a 1 shot kill...
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User Info: BurnsDepartment

5 years ago#4
It's more equivalent to the Spartan Laser.
A hit-delayed, less powerful Spartan Laser with no scope.
Honestly, I don't really see the point myself.

User Info: skeith2020

5 years ago#5
More precision, Faster Launch because the rockets take longer than it to hit the ground, and unlike rockets your highly likely to not kill yourself if your not careful
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User Info: ramzariot

5 years ago#6
Delta_F14 posted...
Railgun is a 1 shot kill...

As long as they have no overshield.
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User Info: Cyanocitta

5 years ago#7
Delta_F14 posted...
Railgun is a 1 shot kill... are rocket. Rockets aren't useless against vehicles either.

The long range of the railgun is the only purpose I've found for it so far. The rare occassion when you see a cross map camper, or stationary sniper.

User Info: rincewind1990

5 years ago#8
But you can't see a railgun shot coming at you.

User Info: darknessry

5 years ago#9
Binary Rifle's little w**** cousin that doesn't use a laser pointer.
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User Info: tarzanmx

5 years ago#10
Because handheld Railguns are sheer awesome.
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