343 needs to wake the **** up.

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User Info: ox0shadow0xo

5 years ago#81
I think they should have spent a little more time on the customization features. If there's one thing I can say CoD has done right, it's taking pages from mmo fps games. Leveling up, unlocking new weapons, modifying your weapons, great ideas. I think if 343 dived into that aspect a bit more it could really bring some longevity to the multiplayer.

-Customize attachments and color on each piece of armor(helm, shoulders, torso, arms legs). Just random things you can add to your armor to make yourself look "different".

-Unlock pieces of armor that have actual functionality. E.g. chest plate with a knife on it allows us to do flashier assassinations using 2 knives instead of one, armor with grenades on it gives higher max grenade count, etc.

-Allow us to at least do visual changes to our guns(I love that I have skins for my dmr and br, hate that I can't change the color).

-Mastery for certain secondary weapons allows dual wielding after so many kills with that gun(took that idea from gta: san andreas).

-Bring back old guns and create even more new ones for more weapon variety. Although they might not be able to balance all of that.

-Unlock gun variants(treated as separate weapons) from leveling up. E.g. modified magnum with burst fire shots, br with 5 shot burst.

-Add more abilities to unlock.

Plenty of things to capitalize on without making it too extreme.
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User Info: majorm

5 years ago#82
UnamedSoldier0o posted...
343 clearly has no idea how to manage a game post launch.

Seems like that is the case.
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User Info: ST_Zero

5 years ago#83
I've been saying that halo 4 was going to fail weeks before it came out, but no one listened to me. and if you go watch the trailer for the crimson map pack that is coming out on 12/10 you'll hate 343 even more.

User Info: Fenriswolf

5 years ago#84
xninjagrrl posted...
Ive already gone back to playing Mass Effect 3. Havent even touched this weeks spartan ops yet.

I hope you mean single player, because ME3's multiplayer is nothing but a lazy cash in.

User Info: UnamedSoldier0o

5 years ago#85
ST_Zero posted...
I've been saying that halo 4 was going to fail weeks before it came out, but no one listened to me. and if you go watch the trailer for the crimson map pack that is coming out on 12/10 you'll hate 343 even more.

No one is saying this game is bad or that its going to fail. All we're saying is that 343 is doing nothing to stop the community from shrinking and that they need to step their game up in terms of supporting the multiplayer. Get out of here you no life troll.

User Info: dueric

5 years ago#86
Oddly enough, there were just as many people playing Halo 4 multiplayer last night as Blops 2.
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User Info: Patchwork

5 years ago#87
I'd like to see them add some new playlists, including Big Team Objective, but overall, I've had a ton of fun with this game.
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User Info: ReTouchable

5 years ago#88
NightmanxCometh posted...
Look at how fast the community has dwindled in less than a month, and a lot of it has to do with how poorly 343 has handled this game. I actually think this game is great and a huge step up from Reach, but 343 is dropping the ball big time.

-Arbitrary level cap is making players quit by the boatload, granted they shouldn't have played so much/consumed so much gamer fuel but still, 343 should have been prepared for this.

-Same maps over, and over, and over, and OVER. They have 3 forge maps on disc that aren't in any of the multiplayer playlists! Why?!

-File Browser is STILL not up. (correct me if I'm wrong but last I checked it wasn't)

-The playlist are just plain stupid. Like someone at 343 needs to get punched in the face stupid. Why split up all the objective games instead of having one playlist? Why have two FFA playlists that don't include Slayer like Rumble Pit/Lone Wolves? Where the **** is Big Team Objective and that bomb planting gametype? Why take out Snipers and leave in crappy SWAT? The decisions here just baffle me.

It seems to me they're focusing too much on crappy Spartan Ops which most people will only play once. They are completely forgetting about the important things and all the while people are jumping ship. Did they forget that Black Ops 2 just came out? They don't have time to just dick around and not polish the multiplayer package while a new CoD is in stores. Casuals are dropping this game like crazy and moving on to CoD. Soon its just gonna be the Halo loyalists playing this game and its not even a month old. Even Reach lasted longer than that.

Not to mention that you even need live play it It should also be playable after your live ended. It's supposed to replace firefight, so why is it only playable for people on live?

User Info: ReDxVaLoO

5 years ago#89
I think a lot of the community has dwindled because of BLOPS 2. At least the part of the community that likes CoD I guess, which must be a lot of it.
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User Info: biolink

5 years ago#90
I agree wholeheartedly.

I'm satisfied, but they could have handled it better than to force everyone to play the new game modes. Well not even so much that, because some of them are fun. But at the same time they are leaving a lot of people hanging by not including stuff that should be basic.

No slayer playlist in a game of this magnitude is pretty silly in their part. I enjoy Regicide, but when I play it, I can only think of Trollface, because running around trying to shoot an Always moving "Hill" is the closest thing we got to a Slayer/lonewolf mode.
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