What helmet are you guys using right now?

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User Info: BeastlyIguana

4 years ago#1
I'm rockin' Hazop. Gotta love that visor shape.
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User Info: Cyanocitta

4 years ago#2
There are so many helmets I like, I switch constantly. The last few days, dead eye though.

User Info: Ultima_Wraith

4 years ago#3
I've been using Recon, I just kind of like the looks to it, I'll switch eventually.
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User Info: BurnsDepartment

4 years ago#4
Wanted it since I got the game; it looks like it has a wry, one-eyed smirk to me. On a related note, is it just me, or do most of the helmets look a bit like faces?

User Info: DSquarius

4 years ago#5
Complete recruit armor. I find the majority of the options hideous but I'll probably switch it to the Mark VI when I complete solo legendary tonight. Only Midnight left :D
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User Info: Asherlee10

4 years ago#6
Air Assault, I think.
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User Info: Elemayowe

4 years ago#7
Mark VI

User Info: chamber29

4 years ago#8
Operator, but only because I just unlocked it...
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User Info: zerobobo

4 years ago#9
its pretty much the ODST helmet and thats what i used in 3 and reach.
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User Info: ShadowEspionage

4 years ago#10
I'm fairly confident that the CoD series can't get any worse than Black Ops. Unless, of course... Treyarch makes Black Ops 2... zombie95
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  3. What helmet are you guys using right now?

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