I have not played since Halo 2 ....

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User Info: ArcGuard

4 years ago#11
Absolutely love it. 2 was, legitimately (not even nostalgically, or suddenly), my favorite halo. I loved the way it played, and it was an absolute blast over XBL.

I'm having just as much fun with Halo 4 as I did back then, albeit I do wish more people talked :< It gets so quiet some games....

User Info: Protoman_X38

4 years ago#12
Maiden6667 posted...
well from what i can remember Halo 2 was a very "solid game " hard to explain it kept the tight controls from Halo 1 and added some diffrent elements but i remember it was just very solid and i think thats why people liked halo in general...everything felt grounded and the controls where spot on" also giving the illusion of a large area to fight combats in

Well if that's all you liked about it, then surely you will enjoy this game as well. Most peoples complaints are that it isn't very "competitive" anymore because of things like ordinance drops which creates randomness. The controls are just as tight as they have always been, and it still feels very much like Halo.
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