To those that have BO2 and Halo 4 which is better overall?

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User Info: Crayonmuffin

5 years ago#41
zack12369 posted...

Do you play bf3? Most op assault rifle (m16a3) you get in the beginning. Just like halo 4 dmr.

That isn't the most OP by any means. It's good, but not OP. I'm just saying in general that's how military shooters work. DMR isn't OP either. Halo's weapons are FAIRLY balanced.

User Info: creasy_bear

5 years ago#42
I have both Battlefield 3 and Halo 4 and play Halo 4 a lot more. Battlefield 3 for console gets boring, the maps are way too big and not enough players. And Bad Company 2 is better anyway if you want to play a BF. I haven't played BLOPS2 but I've heard so much about the lag problems I'm not sure that I want to.
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User Info: Hagan

5 years ago#43
Halo 4, scorestreaks are stupid and horrible netcoding in bo2
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User Info: randomnameftw

5 years ago#44
Halo 4. The kill streak bonuses in COD are a deal breaker for me.
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User Info: lnknprk_45

5 years ago#45
Crayonmuffin posted...
zack12369 posted...
Crayonmuffin posted...
Halo 4. BO2 is garbage. BF3 got boring too quickly.

What??? Yes halo is so much better because you have to earn attachments.. Oh wait..

Halo doesn't need you to earn attachments to be good. It gives you tools and says "Be good or you'll lose." Games like COD and even BF to an extent say here, reach this level for this OP item and destroy everyone. -_-

No, it instead asks you to earn SP to unlock items to use in your loadout, and then there's the specializations that come after hitting level 50 to gain small boosts. It's really no different than BO2, so don't try to make it sound like it's not. FYI, attachments don't make you any better. It just makes using the gun more fun. You have to be good with the gun in the first place to get the kills to unlock those attachments.

I find I have more fun in BO2 in small bursts of play time. Halo 4 is just so one sided to the point where a bad match just feels irredeemable. I also tend to have way more lag in Halo 4 than in BO2. Not to mention the repeating map problem because everyone votes for the same map every single time, and all the time that is wasted in lobbies. It feels like everyone only plays 1 match, then rage quits leaving the rest of the people headed back to looking for more players, which is very slow.

I just want to play a few matches. Halo 4 makes playing a few matches a pain in the butt. I have this much time to play my game. It just feels like BO2 is better time spent because I can get more done in a few matches.

BO2 and Halo 4 are basically the same. I keep hearing about people that hate BO2, but love Halo 4, and that just doesn't compute with me because they don't feel different enough to be able to hate one and love the other. If you love one you're going to somewhat like the other. If you hate one, you are going to dislike the other one a little too.

randomnameftw posted...
Halo 4. The kill streak bonuses in COD are a deal breaker for me.

Ordinance Drops. That is all.

User Info: SunDevil77

5 years ago#46
BLOPS 2 is more action, fast paced, and going Rambo on the other team. Halo is more tactical, team based gameplay.

Take your pick.
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User Info: Blue_Chevalier

5 years ago#47
Microwave_Oven posted...
More people are playing MW2 than BF3. So yeah BF3 is dead

Dead? Lol. No.
They are similar, yes. But like your girlfriend and your sister, someone is gonna be pissed if you mix them up.

User Info: FillyPhlyers

5 years ago#48
Love all the BF3 love in this topic n_n such a superior shooter to anything else out right now. Halo 4 is good though.

User Info: FRo3tBLo0d

5 years ago#49
Blue_Chevalier posted...
BF 3

People still play BF3? *Yawn*

User Info: BizzyBum

5 years ago#50

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