Who is the best Halo 4 player on this board?

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User Info: RedArchangel20

4 years ago#1
Just curious.
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User Info: BillyBob_21

4 years ago#2
MSheridan of course.

User Info: Visibility

4 years ago#3
Probably ST_Zero. I heard he's SR70, yaknow.
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User Info: DSquarius

4 years ago#4
Visibility posted...
Probably ST_Zero. I heard he's SR70, yaknow.
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User Info: Msheridan1990

4 years ago#5
im jus sayin i got liek 10 ppl n another thred backing me up on this im not saying im the best prolly top 3 tho n i could prolly go pro if i wanted


4 years ago#6
Me or bale
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User Info: velmarg

4 years ago#7
What's your tag, MSheridan?
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User Info: Sahduk

4 years ago#8
Lithi breathes fire
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User Info: AlchemicSpartan

4 years ago#9
MSheridan is the best, hands down.
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User Info: Blue_Chevalier

4 years ago#10
Sloppy, Jesse, or Iderive.
They are similar, yes. But like your girlfriend and your sister, someone is gonna be pissed if you mix them up.
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