Why this game is failing with 343

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User Info: appleturnover87

5 years ago#91
CKnight posted...
Halo 4 sold 3 million in a day and its online numbers is only second to CoD which is indisputably, , unarguably, undeniably the most popular and played series of this generation and its failing?

I take this is why most message board opinions are considered trash.

If Halo is failing compared to CoD then every other fps is dead and buried because they dont put up Halo online numbers let alone the Juggernaut that is CoD.

Halo is failing compared to Halo dummy
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User Info: TheArcade

5 years ago#92
I like it.
Greatest Shows of All Time.
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User Info: Bloodmoon77

5 years ago#93
Let's just release the same exact game over and over again! That way everyone will be happy and not whine! Except they would complain that there's no changes at all. If Halo followed this formula it could've been what CoD has become. And lol at saying this game is dead a couple weeks after release. Can you still find a match and not have to wait 10 years? Yes? Okay then it's not dead. You're just upset that your precious little game has changed from what it used to be. Here's a tip, games change, whether it be for good or for worse, they change. Just because you don't like it doesn't mean it's horrible trash. It seems like it's impossible for anyone to enjoy a Halo game after 3.
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User Info: metalclash

5 years ago#94
puppy posted...
How I view the complaints:

1. This is Halo 4, not 3, not 2, and most certainly not Reach. They had to try something new, they have to continue to evolve, or else you truly die in this business.

2. Rank is pointless. Can you remember your Halo 3 rank? Or more importantly, what does that rank do for you nowadays? Hey, I was once a level 50 or whatever in Halo 3, fear me. Well guess what, this is Halo 4, and no one gives a ****.

The only legitimate gripe out there is lack of maps, that is it. The rest is just nitpicky nonsense from the "MLG" types. Newsflash, not everyone is a "professional" at Halo, and just because you had level 50 on Halo 3 or Reach doesn't mean you can beat some of the best players out there. You probably boosted, or ran with a team of ballers and mowed down the rest of the Halo players.

I've bought and played every Halo since Combat Evolved. I'm amazed at how well done the multiplayer is in this series. Call of Duty gave me 3 months of fun on MW2, but then it became stale, and I was smart enough to realize the game hasn't changed in the next 3 iterations. Halo 4 is amazing, the vehicle madness is intense, the guns are fun, and the action is all around you. It rewards quick reactions, careful planning, and plays like a dream.

If you don't like the game, find some better complaints than "OMG red X please" or "don't want my enemy to know I am camping"

See, 343i just removed random things for no apparent reason. At all. They took a knife to custom games and smiled as they killed it.

What vehicle madness? You mean everyone starting with plasma's and making vehicles near useless?

It rewards campers, because ordinance drops don't care whether you went out and fought or sat back with a power weapon. What planning? The majority of players just do nothing but run out and spam DMR.

BTB (i know some of you guys hate it but w/e) is just not the same at all. Vehicle combat is at an all time low, gone are the days of Hog battles and banshee battles. Vehicles are paper thin, and everyone can get a power weapon too easily. Maybe if they went back to Rockets/laser/fuel rod as the only damaging things then yea, but right now small arms just destroy vehicles.


Wow reach dropped, and is being beat by 3 old call of duties.

i'm excited for customs in h4

User Info: crunchb3rry

5 years ago#95
"I share the same opinion as many other halo players"

Who are in the minority.

It's kinda like Amazon reviews. Oh man, don't buy that. A thousand people didn't like it. But probably a hundred thousand did. But because they are not vocal about it, who cares, right?

User Info: fat1tony

5 years ago#96
1) a 3 GIG install for MP...wow

2) Capped at 70 for standard and halo 4 xbox buyers...like madden telling you GG after the wildcard game.

3)Maps on disc/ custom NOT in MM.

4)Broken file search.

All new features of halo. sweet.

User Info: TheGreenRobin

5 years ago#97
Oh look, another topic where a random person proclaims a successful game franchise as dead. So far, COD, Halo, Dead Space, NFS, Hitman, DMC, metal Gear, Dark Souls and Elder Scrolls are all dead. Gee, I wonder whats next.
GT: The Green Robin
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User Info: mike468

5 years ago#98
UnamedSoldier0o posted...
Pointless, this is the best Halo since H3 for most people, and for a few like myself the best Halo since H2.

Agreed. considering how convoluted the series has gotten with the number additions to gameplay since Halo 2, Halo 4 has done the best job at implementing them and yet still feel balanced and fresh, rather than an afterthought.

My only real complaints against the game is that MP maps aren't that great (at least no where near as good as Halo 2) and some obvious menus and matchmaking options are absent. There really should be a co-op campaign matchmaking, and a Spartan Ops matchmaking with any Episode mission rather than just the current.

LifeVirus1289 posted...


More like:

If they gave us a map pack of the top 6 Halo 2 maps as voted by the community, halo 4 becomes the best game in the series IMO.
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User Info: ssj5goku2005

5 years ago#99
DrFeelgood1984 posted...
stixzilla posted...
ODomm posted...
%100 of people don't have to like a game guys...

...That being said, TC is in the minority. This game is fantastic, Halo is not dead. Are there problems? Yes. Will 343 fix them? Yes. They've already stated that they have a tight schedule for multiple title updates.

If I'm in the minority, then why is the population going down everyday and its only been a few weeks

Because Black Ops 2 came out a week after Halo, and Call of Duty has been king of XBOX Live since 2007. There are also a bunch of other AAA titles launching because it's November. People don't just sit around playing Halo all day like it's 2001.

^this...and the people that say "Halo 3 was fine when Call of Duty 4 came out" must not realize that, even though CoD4 is the game that made CoD take over as king of Xbox, it didn't instantly become king the day it was released...people didn't start catching on until like a month or two later, I remember when both those games were released, my friends didn't really start talking about how good Call of Duty was until December

as for the people that say "Reach was fine when Black Ops came out", well, idk about you guys but, on my friends list, not that many people had Reach to begin with
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User Info: lderivedx

5 years ago#100
Saying "you're in the minority, therefore you need to deal with it" is stupid and lazy and hypocritical. It's a way to feel superior without having to actually think at all. You'd have a different opinion about what's "acceptable" if you were on the other side, but as long as you're in the majority, you can use that to circlejerk to "victory."
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