A Halo Vet's First Day With Halo 4...

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User Info: thehelpfulgamer

4 years ago#1
Halo Duty. This use to be a term I used to describe Halo 4 because of all the little changes that were made that made it seem like Call of Duty. I'd always be half joking. Call of Duty has seemed to work good for Call of Duty and the fact that Halo was changing at all has always been one of the few things that made it stand out. You can say what you will about Halo, but you can't claim new things weren't tried. Each game has been different. Varying degrees of good, but different.

Sadly, much like Call of Duty the whole thing ends up feeling very meh.

First of all, the crouching is useless now. It didn't do much before mind you. It made certain jumps easier and others possible. It was also good to use in melee fights as you could sometimes duck melees. Now that you have to move your thumb off the joystick to work it, it's more difficult to do either of those things so I just don't bother with it at all now.

Crouching aside, the controls are really good however and the aim assist feels just right. Unfortunately, is it just me or does the weapon zoom and the delay after sprinting feel slightly too long?

The maps, much like the game as a whole are again, pretty meh. The variety is good and I've yet to run into a map I outright hate like, say, Snowbound. On the other hand, none have yet to really stand out as a favorite in my mind. Haven might be the best I've encountered so far. The problem with most of the maps is that, most likely because of everyone having sprint now, they're either too large as a whole or most of the areas of the map are too confined. This makes the game somewhat more tedious as now you have to run a bit before shooting people generally where as before you almost always had someone to shoot right from the get go. Some great examples of this are Lockout, Midship, Warlock, and Narrows. I suppose the instant respawns mitigate this problem somewhat, but that's a whole other problem I'll get to in a bit. I will say that Ragnarok (New Valhalla) is actually improved solely because of being able to sprint now.

Now, about the play lists and game types in general. Why? Simply, why. Why are some play lists and game types just plain missing? I was told that Team Snipers was an option before but has already been replaced. Why? Why is there no FFA? Why is there no Firefight? Why is there no Juggernaut and other various game modes? Why is there no Team Objective with various objective game types? There's really no reason to have each objective in it's own play list when you can just have the lobby vote on the game type as well as the map. It's possible you may never get the one you want, but is there a reason why you can't have a Team Objective in addition to pure CTF or KOTH? And what happened to Multi Team?
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User Info: thehelpfulgamer

4 years ago#2
Probably the most upsetting thing is the lack of any competitive play lists. And before you reply with, "uh, Team Slayer Pro, stupid," that's not competitive either. That's just Infinity Slayer with the motion sensor turned off and possibly other small tweaks I didn't notice. By competitive I mean play lists where your ranking can rise and fall depending on how well you perform and against whom. In Halo 4, every play list might as well have Social in front of it. And no, I'm not one of those who gets all serious and HAS to go up at least one rank a night or it's meaningless. However, I do sometimes want to put on my serious face and have a go at others of my general skill level and try to improve myself. Going to a tournament just isn't ever going to happen with me and doubly so since I have nothing to use as practice. People just tend to play better when something is on the line. Sure, it's just a number, but it was your number. You earned that number. And being able to rub it in your friend's faces made it all the more cherish-able. What hinges on your success in Halo 4? Nothing. And if there's nothing to care about, why should I even bother playing? The game is still fun, sure, but lots of games are as fun and some are even funner. Where's my obligation to play this one? That was something about Halo that always kept me coming back for more. Trying to get that number a little higher. I can't think of any other shooter that does this and now for some reason Halo doesn't even do it. What gives?

The game lobbies themselves are a seemingly better version of what CoD does, but I still prefer the old method. Here's why. Before, if for whatever reason you didn't like something about the game you joined, you could leave and not have to worry about joining the same game again... since lobbies stay together from match to match and you can join a game in progress, what's to stop you from joining the same game you just left? I have this problem all the time in CoD and I'm not excited to see it happen in Halo. I do suppose it wasn't fair in the past that teams were forced to play short a man and were pretty much guaranteed to lose if it was an objective game type. But as I said before, every play list is Social anyway, so what does it matter?

Continuing with my CoD similarities discussion, spawn wait times =/= ordnance. You see, little did most people know in previous Halo games you DID actually get a reward when you did well and killed people. It wasn't something tangible like teleporting into an attack helicopter and laying waste to a helpless enemy or calling in a power weapon to your location as the case may be. It was actually something better. Your opponent had to wait before coming back into the game. It wasn't very long, but it was hopefully enough time for you and your teammates to deal with the deceased's buddies. It created a nice ebb and flow with the engagements and rewarded the killer with a small respite between said engagements. Instant respawns completely remove any sense of satisfaction from killing other players and matches end up being a chaotic mess broken up only by reloads or the enemy spawning on the other side of the map. Ordnance drops kinda fill in the void left by spawn wait times, but not really. At all. I know it sort of seems like I have a double standard after just ranting about ranked play lists and that tangible number you worked toward like these tangible power weapons, but bare with me. The key aspect here is that doing literally ANYTHING will build toward ordnance drops, as far as I can tell. You should get at LEAST one by the end of any given match. It might as well be on a timer for all the difference it makes. What's worse is that the ordnance you get to choose from is seemingly random, making it even more pointless. If I had to choose between Ordnance Drops and spawn wait times, I'd choose the spawn wait.
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User Info: thehelpfulgamer

4 years ago#3
One of the few good things are the load outs. It seems like as good of an excuse as any to balance the weapons and from what I've seen so far, they are. The Assault Rifle isn't complete trash and I have the satisfaction of knowing that I have the Magnum if I run out of ammo in long range engagements, but the Boltshot is still fairly annoying. Also, the Railgun doesn't handle like any railgun I've used in other games. It's more like a baby Spartan Laser. Or a more mature Boltshot.

The rest of the load outs, aside from the weapons, are a lot more underwhelming. It took me a while before I finally made a second load out with "perks" I didn't mind using, but I almost never play it.

Campaign is as boring as ever with AI as dumb as ever. My present play through on Heroic has been difficult, but only because I keep running out of ammo.

All in all, I applaud it for trying something new, for Halo anyway, and it seems like they got the melee system right on the first try this time around, but it's just overall not quite up to par and the REALLY ugly armor doesn't help. Honestly, this may be the worst Halo I've played as of now.

I still plan on playing it. A lot. I just wish it could have been better.
Bowser: Keeping it real for over 25 years.

User Info: Msheridan1990

4 years ago#4
U sound really bad kid

User Info: AnthonyBrock2

4 years ago#5
Review section is 5 tabs <------- that way.

User Info: pokelordguy

4 years ago#6
For a halo vet you sure know nothing about crouching.

And you thought Snowbound was bad? Trollolol
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User Info: Scuttlebutt

4 years ago#7

User Info: Veluxier

4 years ago#8
Thank you for your well written opinion.

Also, dont listen to THAT guy above.
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User Info: pblimp360

4 years ago#9
I'm a vet of Halo as well, TC, and I love this game. There is nothing meh about it to me.

There are issues here and there and some things could be better, I agree, but 343 did an overall good job imho.
#Halo 4

User Info: MetaIGearRex

4 years ago#10
Stopped reading at "crouching is useless".
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