At the end, how did Master Chief.. *ending spoilers*

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  3. At the end, how did Master Chief.. *ending spoilers*

User Info: sakurayule

4 years ago#1
..survive the friggin' Nuke in his hands?
..How did he appear in a new area?

Was there a shield? A teleportation field?
I really don't get it.

User Info: woolywaffles

4 years ago#2
because hes master chief b****
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User Info: EDarien

4 years ago#3
Cortana mentions keeping "some" of her reserve power to get Chief out. I figure it has something to do with the portals she was creating throughout the structure. Likely, she was able to either make a portal, or having become a permanent part of the system was integrated even further and able to actually teleport him directly, no portal needed.

Either way, it was rather a cop-out ending that could have been done much better. They gloss over the "how" and simply state that while she was holding the Didact down and separating her "rampancy" all over the place to overload systems, etc. she held back some of her control and influence to get Chief to safety. Of course, she says that in a digital world so we have no idea of knowing where they were, much less how he actually got back to the ship ...

Yeah. The ending could have been better.

User Info: Veluxier

4 years ago#4
Cortana. She pulled some fancy Forerunner space magic.
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User Info: parker802

4 years ago#5
Cortana formed a shield around him with the light bridge somehow.. Even though the nuke was in his hands.. Just go with it lol

User Info: DSquarius

4 years ago#6
I don't care so much about the ridiculous explanation. What really irritated me was the lack of a boss fight. They built up the Didact all game and we didn't even get to throw down. The hell is that about.
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User Info: Raptorkitty

4 years ago#7
Used the Composer tech.
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User Info: SageOfChaos

4 years ago#8
Boss fights are for RPGs.

I loved the ending in this game. The how of what happened wasn't explained much at all but what happened was enjoyable.
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User Info: WingZero0782

4 years ago#9
Yeah the Gravemind and Prophet boss fights were amazing, I mean geez 343 give us a freaking boss fight like we had in CE/CEA, 2, 3, ODST, Wars and Reach.

How much more whining are we going to get about the ending, Chief was willing to sacrifice himself to destroy Didact's ship and the Composer but Cortana saved him, she probably thought Chief was still important and so saved his ass.

Chief didn't have the nuke in his hand, it was on the light bridge and he hit it, Cortana had time to save him.

Also it was to make us think that Chief had died, what if after he punched the nuke, the light we saw was Cortana teleporting him away from the blast.
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User Info: DSquarius

4 years ago#10
WingZero0782 posted...
Yeah the Gravemind and Prophet boss fights were amazing, I mean geez 343 give us a freaking boss fight like we had in CE/CEA, 2, 3, ODST, Wars and Reach.

My sarcasm meter just exploded.

Maybe boss fight was a poor choice of words. It just seems extremely anti climactic in 4.

In the other games there was always a dramatic final battle and 4 just didn't have that.


Examples :

Reach - Noble 6 destroying a fleet of Covenant ships.
ODST - The giant showdown on the highway while waiting for your pick up.
CE - Blowing up the ships engines and scrambling to safety in the Warthog.
3 - Killing Guilty Spark and activating the Halo.
2 - Killing Tartarus and stopping him from activating the ring.

I can't really remember the final mission for Wars except Forge sacrifices himself.

Point being, the events seemed so much more dramatic in the previous games. I steamrolled the Knights at the end of 4 with the incineration cannon and when the game ended with a QTE I was disappointed.
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