Do a lot of people age 40+ play this game?

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User Info: Topkick1975

5 years ago#11
I'm 37...and I'm pretty sure I'll be playing the Halo sequels and gaming past 40.

I've had video games in my life since my father introduced me to a "Telstar" (video pong) when I was about 4, and I guess I'll probably introduce it to my son when he gets to an appropriate age.

User Info: jakeDiLLa

5 years ago#12
Don't know a single person over 35 that plays this game regularly.
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User Info: OLDBOYvicious

5 years ago#13
I am 36, and have been playing video games since my parents got me my first intellivision haha then an atari, then a colecovision, and just about every console since the original nintendo gaming system

Halo is one of my vorite game series of all time, and I have a bunch of people on my frinds list over 30, and almost ll my XBL friends are over 25.

I like to play socially, am honestly not that great, but anyone wanting to play with a chill fun mature person feel free to add me.

GT OLDBOY vicious
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User Info: BansheeNTDmode

5 years ago#14
My dad plays with me and hes 65. Also my grandpa 84 can beat me

User Info: DiabloNeonX

5 years ago#15
I'm a few years behind you (I'll be 33 in February), but I still try to play as much as I can. Like some of you, I've spent the last 30 years of my life gaming (originally cut my teeth on an Atari 2600) and I hope to be playing for many more years.
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User Info: korinthian

5 years ago#16
I'm 33 now and I've shown no signs of slowing down in my obsession with gaming. I just have less time for it now.

User Info: Special_Edward

5 years ago#17
I'm 49 & I still do.

We got into Halo 1 when my kid was 4 1/2 yo, it had been out a year or more at the time.

I have my gripes about what 343 did but I still like the game.
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