How I feel about this H4's MP.

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User Info: Duwstai

4 years ago#41
From: bladegash666 | #040
Wait a damn minute want auto aim? Why man , WHY???

Do you have any idea how FPS games work on console?

All games have aim assist because of how terrible the analog stick is for precision movements.

Go try and shoot your team mate. Notice how you couldnt hit the broad side of a barn, let alone him? Thats because there is no aim assist.

Each battle would take ten minutes to complete and the game would be total crap that no one would play.

But on top of that, giving one weapon (a single shot precision weapon especially) no aim assist while all the other weapons have it would make the gun completely and utterly useless. It would take the average players 50 shots to kill a strafing enemy. Yeah, sounds fair and balanced. Great suggestion.

Now, if you want to slightly lower aim assist for all weapons, Im on board with that. But taking it out completely, especially for just one weapon... is probably the dumbest suggestion Ive ever read on this board.

And that is saying a lot.

User Info: Drakillion

4 years ago#42
I like the Ordnance Drops, but that's probably because I like being rewarded for doing good... or being treated to a consolation prize if you're getting destroyed in a match.

I like the multiplayer but the main problem for me is that people pick Ragnarok WAY too much. Ragnarok isn't in the queue? Exile. If they're both not there Vortex. Oh, and that one map with a lot of trenches and ridges, god it's a team shoot pot-shot fest >_> I'm a BTIS man so it's not just easy as saying, "Don't play the mode then".

I've come to qualms about the DMR, so I started using it to but I'm just not feeling it. At close range, the DMR can still beat out the BR and Carbine. You just can't argue with that damage. My suggestion is that they swap out BR and DMR's firing rate or something.

The other modes are still fun though, especially CTF (except Ragnarok) and Slayer. I'm starting to like the Carbine <3
"Dating Yukari Takeba is, like, the closest thing to dating Michelle Ruff, so I don't see the reason why not."- My brother XD

User Info: SeikenZ

4 years ago#43
HeartlessCharms posted...
SeikenZ posted...
I disagree about the core gameplay being broken in Reach, it's also not my fault that I have a different opinion about it and happen to prefer Reach over H4. 2 second killtime? Care [__] is honestly empty, it still played liked Halo. Moreso than H4 does with its ordinances, instant respawns, joining in progress making you waste time, perks, specializations, geez... sounds a lot like CoD to me.

Having a fast killing starting weapon isn't even the problem, if it didn't outperform the rest in its class. That "NEED" is now fueled as a result of adding random power weapons for everyone in the first place.

In my experience, using the DMR has become such a boring exercise in patience (I absolutely don't recall any Halo having such a boring gun) that I simply quit the game if I know that I have to use it exclusively throughout the match, especially if that next ordinance drop gives you a Needler on a big map, big whoop, talk about useless ordinance drops in combination with hardly having any weapons on the map = stuck with DMR. At least I remember using a lot of other weapons in Reach.

Your core gameplay in H4 consists out of DMR, joining games in progress which places you on losing teams and instant respawns that come back to kill you before you're done recovering. In fact it has become so ridiculous, that you see entire teams out in cloaking, because they hate being hit from across the map all the time by DMR's + random sniper that someone got in an ordinance.

It doesn't matter if you care. It's the fact that Reach was so much different than all of the other Halos.
It comes down to this: Reach is the worst Halo.

Which is funny since H4 is even more different than Reach is compared to past Halo's.
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