I'm glad this Specialization fiasco happened

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User Info: rubthetip

4 years ago#41
Blow all kinds of money on Mountain Dew and Doritos so you can level up twice as fast and get diabetes, then sit at level 70 after only working half as hard as everyone else to attain it. Delicious ironing all around.

User Info: epiikgangster

4 years ago#42
lnknprk_45 posted...
To be fair the preorder bonuses for Halo 4 were on the right track. It was just armor that could otherwise be unlocked from completing challenges/leveling that had a unique pattern that's barely noticeable. The issue is with how they handled the specializations. It should have never been included with the LE. They should have never had it as a code where you had to play by a certain date to receive it, and even then there's people who still don't have it.

Specializations aren't just cosmetic. They give in-game advantages. You can't go around giving in-game advantages to certain people, and locking out anyone who didn't meet the requirements. It basically makes the game pointless to play if you are a late adopter. Why play and level up if you don't have access to the same advantages.

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User Info: builder111

4 years ago#43
NightTerrorX99 posted...
The best part of TC's topic is that the specializations' weren't a pre-order bonus. The pre-order bonuses were strictly store exclusive armor perms and avatar items.

The codes were a bonus of the LE and the a gift for playing H4 by the 20th of November.

This topic could not be more embarrassing.

I know that, I was generalizing about the industry in general at the the beginning. It's all the same nonsense.

User Info: builder111

4 years ago#44
darren19822000 posted...
i bashed his lame post because he thinks that this will actually change something.

no i don't think that at all

User Info: wreckthefloor

4 years ago#45
This type of pre-order crap and microtransactions are the future of gaming and there's not a damn thing we can do about it except complain on a video game forum.

User Info: builder111

4 years ago#46
Seto_Ryu posted...
I'm not going to call you a stupid term like "baddie" or something TC, but I will say getting joy from the misery of others is kind of dickish.

i'm in misery too :(

btw nobody got the Spaceballs reference

User Info: Super Vejita

Super Vejita
4 years ago#47
NovaLevossida posted...
ODomm posted...
TC, let me put it this way about your complaints with paying extra...

Let's say your city has a Symphonic Orchestra. Now, you can pay for a ticket to go see that Orchestra perform, but some people make donations out of the goodness of their hearts. If you donate a certain sum of money, you are considered to be a Benefactor of that Orchestra. A Benefactor is like a special member, a VIP. They get benefits like Season Passes, private concerts and other things for the orchestra. So why should you, someone who has only been to 1 or 2 concerts, get the same benefits of the Benefactors?

So think of it this way now; the people who pay extra or preorder from these chains are Benefactors of the game, since they are essentially donating that extra money that is paid to the company that made the game. Naturally, the adult minds of the company see these people as donators, so the least they can do is give them a little something special such as a little piece of armor.

It's called a promotion TC, and it is everywhere in marketing.
If you've ever purchased something because of a buy-one-get-one-free deal or even if you have gone Black Friday shopping, you have no room to complain about this.

This example is way off. This would be like letting the donators hear the full performance of an orchestra, but letting everyone else only hear the first 60% of it. Then they have to go outside and leave.

Most games feature an early unlock system as a bonus. Here's some guns early, early camo, a prestige token to unlock something that you'd normally only get when you hit the level cap, etc. Halo 4 went the most moronic route I have ever seen by not rewarding people buying the upsell but punishing everyone who did not buy it. Instead of giving a bonus for the upsell, they hold everyone else back.

This is goddamn unheard of, and there's a reason why other companies don't do this: it pisses people off. Now they implement a system to remove the cap for certain people. This doesn't include kids getting this for Christmas, and it definitely doesn't include people in some countries. They'll still be capped. However, even the system to remove the cap isn't working for a very large portion of the community, and the official stance on it has been that all emails have been sent, Xbox won't be sending new emails, you should check your junk folder, etc.

The only thing that they haven't said is, "We've had a problem with the mass emails. We're working on it."

I imagine that they'll open it to everyone eventually. But yeah, it's pretty stupid. Especially the "Play before 11/20" thing. The holiday season is coming up and I bet a good bit of people. myself included, are getting this for Christmas.

Hopefully they open it to everyone for a christmas gift or something.
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User Info: metalclash

4 years ago#48
I never thought about how specializations were actually an advantage. Now I see how it is actually a problem with people essentially being "stronger" than others.

It is unfair. Completely.

And on the whole dew xp, that is also pretty damn cheap. Pay2win there too.
my halo what happen why are you all borked
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