Okay, 343 actually wants to help you now if you don't have the code.

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User Info: gamewarrior88

4 years ago#101
Bump again.
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User Info: builder111

4 years ago#102
on page 644 now!

User Info: BB52700

4 years ago#103
wow, I posted late last night as it was on page 461
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ParanoidObsessive 4 years ago#104
patkelly929 posted...
Thank you for this. I'm level 42

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User Info: Lugoves

4 years ago#105
Like 680 pages now lol.
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User Info: Great_Wonder

4 years ago#106
I posted on page 164 and I still haven't heard from them
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User Info: NovaLevossida

4 years ago#107
Not sure if it is going to go anywhere, but it is better to do it and hope it works than not do it and not get results. Oh damn, it's Pascal's Wager. At any rate, I won't be giving them any more money until this gets resolved, and that also depends upon the manner in which they resolve it. Thus far, it's been poor, with no admission that there was a mistake beyond asking for information (which was still based on the presumption that it was our fault...).

But as I've said before, we shall see where this goes. At any rate, I posted this thread so that we can do everything on our end to ensure we are not screwed over by them. The ball's in their court now, basically.
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ParanoidObsessive 4 years ago#108
lnknprk_45 posted...
Looks more like they are just gathering more info on wtf happened. They think the error is on our end like wrong age, wrong email, accidental deletion, stuff like that, but I for one know that it's not on my end, or at least it's not something that they have mentioned might be a cause.

I just highly doubt that they are using that thread specifically to investigate each account that posts.

They're sure as hell not using it for information gathering (at least not from the data provided). Otherwise, they would have asked for more info. Essentially, they're really only asking "Were you eligible in the first place?", and not "Are you SURE that one of these options (incorrect e-mail, spam folder, etc) wasn't the problem?" At best, all that's going to do is tell them how many theoretically eligible accounts didn't see their e-mail, not how many out of THOSE might have had it sent to the wrong account or flushed out via spam or trash folder deletion.

The only way they'd actually GET any useful info out of any of those posts was if they WERE individually checking each account in some way. Otherwise, really all they're doing is filtering out (or trying to) the complaints which are more "I live in Europe why won't you send me the code?!" or "I'm 15, why is there an age limit? That's so unfair!" and just trying to contain the "You SHOULD have sent it to me but I apparently didn't get it" complaints.

But everything I'm seeing BS Angel post (emphasizing that the original offer says Microsoft won't resend codes, implying every code has been sent and saying they're investigation to determine if everyone eligible RECEIVED the code) indicates fairly strongly to me that they haven't got the slightest intention of bothering to address the problem at all, and just plan to ultimately blame it on user-error on the players' side (you all used the wrong address or deleted it yourself, not our problem). And the only real reason they're having people post in that topic at all is to try and distract them so they don't post 2000 times in dozens of other topics on the forum and basically kill any real chance of any other discussion or help on the boards.

It's basically smoke and mirrors to calm people down until they come up with a good lie/ass-covering story or until they just give up in disgust.

The real problem is that all of the people threatening to never buy another Halo/343/XBox/Microsoft/etc game again if this isn't resolved means almost nothing to them, because marketing people in general are fully aware that out of every 1000 people who threaten that, maybe 2 will actually follow through. Everyone else will just sort of shrug, move on with their lives, and accept the crap they've been dealt. They could easily choose to ride out the negative PR until everyone forgets about it.

Same reason why EA ignores pretty much every complaint about their business practices yet is still one of the most profitable companies in the industry.
"Wall of Text'D!" --- oldskoolplayr76
"POwned again." --- blight family

User Info: dueric

4 years ago#109
This annoys me because I'm usually not OCD about emails.

I know for a fact I didn't get one from them, yet I'm digging through every account and every folder "just to make sure".

F*** this. S*** should have been sent to your Xbox Live inbox. End of story.
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User Info: gamewarrior88

4 years ago#110
Bump yet again for more eyes to see.
In this world, there was only one way...the Valmanway. But now, there is a better way...the Valmanway +1.
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