Ragnarok is the worst map in the game

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User Info: Blue_Chevalier

4 years ago#41

You people who complain about Ragnarok should get better, up your truskill, get matched with better players who use better tactics, teamwork, and actually have fun fighting for the pelican and high ground.

Face it, only people who have no confidence in their open air, CQB skill would camp at the base with the DMR/BR. It doesn't take a genius to realize that PP+ sticky/frags + kill streak weapons + hard light shield will counter any banshee, mantis, warthog, or camping marksman. Better players embrace these different tactics on this map, which leads to fun times.
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User Info: Atlmalichi

4 years ago#42
Anytime changes are made in a sequel somebody always whines and moans because their old strategies don't work anymore. The vehicles are not weak you just can't use them being brain dead anymore
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User Info: darealest47

4 years ago#43
Paragon049 posted...
Fact. Playing Infinity Slayer on this map is an 8-10 minute nightmare of getting shot across the map by DMRs, nonstop Mantises, atrocious layout, and sniper rifles everywhere. I would rather play on Exile three times in a row as red team than play a single game of Infinity Slayer on Ragnarok. I would rather play Slayer Pro with a bunch of random teammates versus Final Boss than play one match on Ragnarok.

This map was fine in 3, but is unbelievably bad in this game (Outside of CTF) thanks to the changes in the game engine from 3 to 4, as well as the addition of the Mantis and a bunch of new guns. Stop voting for it.

Ragnarok is definitely one of the best CTF maps so I respectfully disagree with your opinion.
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User Info: Hagan

4 years ago#44
Ragnarok is my fav map. They need to work on the small map
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User Info: Arcturus1121

4 years ago#45
supabilly posted...
Urdnot_Runt posted...
Everybody's a game design expert around here

Ragnarok is a big awesome mess. If you're not having fun on this map you're doing it wrong. /thread

*starts slow clap*

*joins slow clap as it starts speeding up*
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User Info: sonofkorol

4 years ago#46
Haven is the worst map in the game

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User Info: Paragon049

4 years ago#47
Yes, clearly, if someone doesn't like the map it means they're just playing it wrong or they're bad. God, how could it be so obvious and I just never realized it? /sarcasm

The map is bad, plain and simple. It does not work in Halo 4 (Outside of CTF that is, and even then it's not that good). No matter how you play on it, the map is terrible because it does not work with the changes to the game engine. 343 just copy and pasted the map without any care about the huge changes in multiplayer from 3 to 4. Valhalla was fine in 3 because it revolved around people rushing for the laser and middle area in general, or trying to avoid/kill the Warthog and Banshee, both of which were actually a threat in 3. When someone got a BR, they weren't able to effectively shoot people across the map, allowing people to move around and mount rushes on the hill or pelican. There were only two sniper rifles and both of them had 12 shots total and took a while to respawn. There was no Mantis or stupid random ordnance.

Now everyone has access from the start to the overpowered DMR, making shooting people across the map a breeze and (Alongside the constant multiple sniper rifles both teams are sure to have, as well as the Mantis) preventing any meaningful map movement or rushes. Before anyone says it, no, armor abilities like the Hard Light Shield or camo do not counteract this. They're simply not enough to get past a team camping together. On the subject of camo, it actually makes camping even more powerful than it already was. When you are fully cloaked, people don't even have aim assist on you, and your gamertag doesn't come up when they look at you. It's so easy to sit in a spot with a good view of the map and just take potshots at people the whole match while almost never being in any real danger.

Essentially what every match on Ragnarok turns into is both teams trying to outcamp the other as the game slows to a crawl, with a very paltry effort by a few members of each team to try and take the middle or pelican so they can camp even harder. Meanwhile, the people with the Mantis and sniper rifles on both teams do their damnedest to slow the gameplay down even more, by making people afraid to even come out of cover. Eventually the winner is determined by who the got the better random ordnance/most sniper or Binary rifles.

User Info: Perfec7__

4 years ago#48
Paragon stop being bad just get pro with the sniper like me and no scope everyone it's really not that hard Ragnarok is fun as hell I don't eve. Have to try to eat BKs like you for breakfast
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User Info: joyce_181502

4 years ago#49
I prefer the Mantis over the Banshee but I wish they just replaced it with another Warthog.

I think it's over-reacting about the Mantis though. Plasma pistol spamming shuts them down quick. They're only bad when some moron gives the enemy yours and then you have to deal with 2 of them.

I think the map could be improved if they replaced the turret with a missile pod again. Nobody uses the turret and the missiles would easily track a ghost or the slower moving Mantis.

User Info: bearded_moose

4 years ago#50

with the RIDICULOUS amounts of aim assist on the DMR, and the fact that if you want to use anything other than the DMR you'll get your ass handed to you, ragnarok is boring and completely not fun.
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