Ragnarok is the worst map in the game

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User Info: NovaLevossida

5 years ago#51
joyce_181502 posted...
I prefer the Mantis over the Banshee but I wish they just replaced it with another Warthog.

I think it's over-reacting about the Mantis though. Plasma pistol spamming shuts them down quick.

Not with Wheelman. The only time a Mantis backed by Wheelman is going to get taken down by the plasma pistol is if he's being an idiot and charging into a crowd.
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User Info: joyce_181502

5 years ago#52
If someone has Wheelman, I just plasma pistol it twice and then put 2 sniper shots into it. Either it dies or it's pilot does.

Even then still find it rare to encounter someone with Wheelman though I wouldn't be surprised if Mantis "abusers" have a loadout just for using the Mantis.

User Info: SealedSeven

5 years ago#53
Abandon is worst map imo.

camping + Boltshot Boltshot Boltshot
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User Info: Blue_Chevalier

5 years ago#54
Paragon049 posted...
Yes, clearly, if someone doesn't like the map it means they're just playing it wrong or they're bad. God, how could it be so obvious and I just never realized it? /sarcasm

Now everyone has access from the start to the overpowered DMR, making shooting people across the map a breeze and (Alongside the constant multiple sniper rifles both teams are sure to have, as well as the Mantis) preventing any meaningful map movement or rushes. Before anyone says it, no, armor abilities like the Hard Light Shield or camo do not counteract this. They're simply not enough to get past a team camping together. On the subject of camo, it actually makes camping even more powerful than it already was. When you are fully cloaked, people don't even have aim assist on you, and your gamertag doesn't come up when they look at you. It's so easy to sit in a spot with a good view of the map and just take potshots at people the whole match while almost never being in any real danger.

Essentially what every match on Ragnarok turns into is both teams trying to outcamp the other as the game slows to a crawl, with a very paltry effort by a few members of each team to try and take the middle or pelican so they can camp even harder. Meanwhile, the people with the Mantis and sniper rifles on both teams do their damnedest to slow the gameplay down even more, by making people afraid to even come out of cover. Eventually the winner is determined by who the got the better random ordnance/most sniper or Binary rifles.

Incorrect. Matches with bad players on Ragnarok are what you describe. Matches with good players on Ragnarok end up being frantic, furious paced battles for the Pelican and hill, with vehicle support. You blame the map and claim it is just bad design. Actually, you just fail to be successful and your team mates are just as inexperienced as the enemy you are fighting.

And yes, a tactful advance with hardlights will curb any team camping with DMRs, but you need teammates supporting you. There are low laying areas that provide cover to advance to the center. All the options are there.

Again. Get your Truskill up and try the map with competent teammates. It changes the dynamic completely.
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