Banned from live chat

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User Info: loto610

5 years ago#21
Auto ban, happens when too many people mute you, and there are some people that mute entire parties automatically just so they don't have to listen to randoms. So it will happen.
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User Info: MagustheHagus

5 years ago#22
I guess it's time to call the Juanbulance.
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User Info: Veggie15

5 years ago#23
Urdnot_Runt posted...
I got banned for chat and haven't used chat once outside of party chat.

People are just jealous that they got owned or mad that I was in a party talking to someone else and not the team.

This is what happened to me.

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User Info: krazyninjaman3

5 years ago#24
Until Sony finally distributes the Purple Knight DLC for Castle Crashers (Like they were supposed to), i will be switching to XBOX 360 for everything.

User Info: LifeVirus1289

5 years ago#25
JackNurSnakPack posted...
dkgamer posted...
In my experience 99% of people who get banned from something or other have done something to deserve it, and 99% of those will deny it :P
If you really think there is a problem maybe try contacting their customer support or something?

Sadly enough this just isn't the way it really is, I also got the Banned from Caht thing on this game but here's the funny part: I can still talk to everyone. it doesn't do anything, it just keeps popping up, I don't even use a Mic so I know that I didn't do anything. People just get Enraged when i go 45-0 on big team and have all thier friends report me. it's happened before too. I find that 99% of the time the person has probably done nothing but be better at the game.

I called somebody the n word and said I wished he died in 9/11, and I haven't been banned. Odd system they have.
By the Nine, did that really just happen?
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