"it's okay, tell the spartans to go home... WE'RE MARINES WE GOT THIS"

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4 years ago#11
The_Madness posted...
People don't seem to realize, these Spartan-IV's are marines. The whole legend and myth of a Spartan is out the door.

Remember in Halo 1 and 2 going anywhere as Chief, and Marines and civilians gasping that they see a Spartan and it gives them hope?

Yeah, let's see if they do the same when you have basic Marines in Spartan armor.

Anyone can see the dude-bro Spartans lead by Palmer in Spartan Ops.

Compare them to Chief, Noble Team etc.

We've gone from "I kill the enemy, but I do not hate them" to "Let's go show these freaks who god is, HOO-RAH" etc.

i facepalm myself, when I hear Palmer or Miller talk. Emile was a hardass, but he understood what being a Spartan meant. No fear, honor, respect etc. He manned the cannon first and would have stayed behind had those Elites not ambushed him etc.

I just hate how we've gone from amazing characters like Captain Keyes, Admiral Hood, Liutenant Commander Miranda Keyes, SGT. Johnson, Noble Team to the like of Captain Del Rio, Sarah Palmer, Jim Miller and now Roland.

To be completely fair, in the first 3 games, humanity had their backs against the wall and was on the verge of extinction. In such a grim atmosphere like that, you tend not to joke about things. Fear is a powerful depressant.

Get to Halo 4 and Humanity is basically the big Shark in the small fish pond now. These new Covenant are something of a joke compared to the old ones. Yeah, they can put up a fight on Requiem, but Humanity is no longer facing extinction or anything. Barring the Didact, Humanity has grown somewhat complacent, they don't NEED heroes like the Cheif anymore to keep the species safe. It's no longer a fight for SURVIVAL, it's a fight for BECAUSE WE WANT TO now.

That being said, Palmer still pisses me off. It's not that she's so smug or anything, it's the constant disrespect she shows for the Marines even though they're out there dying too. As Palmer herself is spartan 4 and not a 2 or 3, it makes sense that she was a marine or ODST at some point and should really be more sympathetic to them, despite how "badass" being good enough to be a spartan makes her. I don't actually mind the others. Del Rio was annoying sure, but at least he was professional about it. Latsky reminds me of a young Keys, and I kind of LIKE Roland.

User Info: jakeDiLLa

4 years ago#12
SRR Capdown posted...
No Marine has or will ever make me rage as much as Kat trying to drive a hog in Reach.

meh, that goes for pretty much anyone. The driving AI is pretty horrid so I make sure I always drive
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User Info: SRR Capdown

SRR Capdown
4 years ago#13
Kat's driving was worse than any marines though. That's a fact.
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User Info: Extraspectre

4 years ago#14
SRR Capdown posted...
Kat's driving was worse than any marines though. That's a fact.

Obviously because she's a woman.
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User Info: ramzariot

4 years ago#15
Gruntpunk72 posted...
cougarman21 posted...
has to be Halo 2... i dont remember the name of the mission, but the one when you teleport from earth to the new installation.

It was nothing special, but fighting side by side with the ODSTs for the first time kicked ass.

I want to get the ODST emblem tattooed on my arm honestly

Just don't ever tell the truth when some chick at a bar asks you what it means.

"Wow cool tatoo, Skull with fire.. what's ODST mean?"

"Oh it means Orbital Dr-err.. I mean.. it's our band logo.."

Well it would cool to test it out if you were going full of crap mode.
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