Spartan Ops. Really?

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User Info: NovaLevossida

4 years ago#41
3starborris posted...
what i don't get is.

they have literally the ENTIRE campaign, and every multiplayer map (aside from the ones that really don't fit like adrift) to use as mission locations in spartan ops, they have all this to use, and yet we've only seen what? 7 locations in the 25 missions they've released?

i don't mind a bit of recycling but there is no excuse for not using the rest of the stuff.

They have to stretch out those assets over however many seasons it will take before Halo 5 comes out.
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User Info: Bitaku

4 years ago#42
The only real beef I have with Spartan Ops is the recycled maps. I wouldn't mind a bit of repetition, but some maps have literally been in almost all episodes with almost no variation.
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User Info: BurningWind

4 years ago#43
I overall agree with the TC. I do have fun playing Spartan Ops (the first run through a chapter at least) and the story is finally getting pretty interesting. The main issue is the gameplay, which while decent by Halo standards, is really starting to get stale overall. Outside of testing myself on a personal level by beating chapters Legendary solo, I have absolutely no real reason to go back and play any of them.

I'm also really getting tired of the same levels being used again and again. It was kind of cool at first, to see how they'd take a previous level and change it up. Now we've seen some of the levels used like three (maybe even four, don't know off the top of my head) times, and it just feels dull. By all means, if people are enjoying it then good for them, and if they even plan on buying future episodes then cool. For me though, I see no reason to buy future episodes if this is the representation of how most of the futures episodes will play out.

I also have to note that I don't think Spartan Ops is better then ODST Firefight (maybe not even Reach), not even close. That said, it still could end up being better overall, as it still has a ways to go and 343 could really change it up in future episodes. I highly doubt it though, based off what they've shown so far.
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User Info: BigTlovesBEER

4 years ago#44
OmALY_03 posted...
Yes, let's all complain about the free additional content they're giving us. That'll teach them to give us free stuff.

Free? You mean despite the $60 we payed for the game and the $5 a month we're paying for xbox live gold?

You have a liberal definition of "Free".

The point is that they kinda pumped this up to be more than it is. It is a feature designed to get you to buy this game over COD for those on the fence.

I'll let you in on a gaming business strategy. You see, you have to try to set yourself apart from other generic shooters today. Spartan Ops was supposed to be one of the things separating Halo 4 from the rest of the pack. Instead, it's a generic shooter mode.

Again, fine if you enjoy it. I don't think you're of lesser intelligence than me or anything because you're having fun killing stuff with your friends. I get that people like it.

What I don't get is the backlash towards people speaking out against the boring game play. THE GAME PLAY IS BORING. You can't act like people shouldn't be critical when they thought they were getting something a little more inline with what they're used to seeing from story-driven Halo missions.
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