Spartan IV's???

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User Info: WingZero0782

5 years ago#11
tarzanmx posted...
WalkerRD posted...
From: tarzanmx | #007
WingZero0782 posted...
It's basically like going from being a normal soldier and then requested to join the SAS or some other elite squad.

I think ODST' s have been replaced as they don't show up in Halo 4.

My thoughts are they replaced the ODSTs, indeed. Now that it's possible to make Spartans out of any of the best, it's in good interests to upgrade.

It's probably pretty expensive to make and outfit a Spartan.

Huh, good point.

There's cheaper brands of armor now and some Spartans even wear armor similar to ODST's.
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User Info: Sir_Burpalot21

5 years ago#12
The Spartan IV's appear to have a height taller than S-III's, but still shorter than S-II's.
I'm judging based off of the height comparisons between Halsey and Nobel Team, and her and the S-IV's during Spartan Ops.
Halsey was shoulder height to the S-III's in Noble Team and is slightly below shoulder height to the S-IV's.

Excluding the possibility of simple height inaccuracies across the canon, there are 2 possibilities for the increased height:
1. The new augmentations give a slight increase to both muscle mass and bone size. I'm not sure if the bone part is realistically feasible though. I'm not a biologist or doctor.
2. The new armor could add an additional inch or so to their height compared to the S-III's.
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