To you guys who haven't reached sr50.

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User Info: SeahorseCpt89

4 years ago#11
Nah, the guy was just mad and he took his loss on you. Specializations don't alter the game THAT much, especially one as little as rerolling ordinances. He only has himself to blame for his poor performance.
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User Info: rincewind1990

4 years ago#12
Sephiroth9704 posted...
Re-roll ordinances? What is this magic you speak of?

I think it's the tracker's perk. When you earn ordinance you can choose to discard the current choices available and get another choice. I think you can do this 3 times per ordinance.

User Info: Monixion

4 years ago#13
Nope I don't and I'm just SR 37, I was in a match against a rank 125 and thought he'd destroy us... he came last.

Unless you can actually play well, rank is just a number. And the extra perks, I've yet to see any real difference and I've been in a lot of matches against numbers above 50. To be honest having more Ammo and getting Ordnance faster seem more of an advantage than most of the Spec perks.
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User Info: LazHarshaw

4 years ago#14
Do you all mean sr60, since that's when you actually unlock the perk? 51-59 is just unlocks more customization options.

User Info: Nacht004

4 years ago#15
Silentbob711 posted...
No of course not. I'm a 42 and I'm not the best at pvp shooters like halo or cod but I know that it's because of my playing not because someone is a higher level than me and has a special perk that I don't. Besides ill eventually have that perk myself. People just get too worked up and jealous and can't deal with the fact that they don't have something someone else has. They act like 5 year olds.

This guy gets it. Pretty much exactly the same. I'm average at this game, but I don't blame perks or whatever. I blame me being bad at it sometimes. It's not hard to get to 50, and you should be rewarded for investing time in a game. I think I'd be more frustrated playing a game where I max out and get nothing for it.
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User Info: dueric

4 years ago#16
I think it's s****** online game design in theory, but when I'm actually playing I couldn't care less.

The reason I think it's lame is because it's about just playing alot more, and not necessarily even in multiplayer. That's why it rubs me the wrong way.
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User Info: enzyme36

4 years ago#17
I feel the perks are fairly well balanced... none seem too OP. Heck Im still not sure Im going to select the new perk once I unlock it....

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User Info: PenguinLust

4 years ago#18
Blaming perks is like blaming a weapon for being a "ZOMG OP'd noob gun!!!"
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User Info: mike468

4 years ago#19
I really don't see any of the specializations adding a huge benefit or putting lower ranked players at any kind of a disadvantage. Maybe rogue and stealth do just slightly, but the other not really. Who cares if you get to re-roll the ordinance drop for a better weapon or extra damage. They're really only good for a few more kills in the hand of a skilled player. With the exception of stealth and rogue the other specializations I don't see as affecting 1on1 battles at all.
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User Info: superh

4 years ago#20
Personally, i don't care at all. I just don't take the game that serious.

I never understood people who rage at games, and even less so when they send hate messages.
"Magic doesn't exist? Oh really, then explain magic tricks you nimwit."
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