What would you think if they removed the radar??

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  3. What would you think if they removed the radar??

User Info: Shura_Surplice

5 years ago#1
I'd like it, more assassinations and more strategy imo.
The bad thing: more people would camp.

I'd like them to at least put some playlisst without it BUT you can still use AA, tactical and support.
That wouldn't work with Active Camo, closest you'll get is Slayer Pro.
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User Info: iParadigm

5 years ago#3
Play more MLG customs and not care?

User Info: elitelmo

5 years ago#4
Play SWAT.

The AA and whatnot aren't really needed if you're going tactical..
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User Info: patkelly929

5 years ago#5
More people would use Promethean Vision than they do now.

And I think that giving players the ability to see through walls is the biggest mistake you can make in multiplayer of any game. I've thought this since the Farsight in Perfect Dark. At least we can't see and shoot through walls...
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User Info: EDarien

5 years ago#6
elitelmo posted...
Play SWAT.

The AA and whatnot aren't really needed if you're going tactical..

^ This. I swap my multiplayer time between big slayer with the vehicles and mayhem where the radar can come in handy, I suppose, but when you're surrounded by 3 separate guys and a warthog it doesn't matter anyway, and SWAT.

If you really want to play w/ no radar, it's right there and ready for you. Enjoy your headshots and assassinations.

User Info: DoNotPassGoPSMO

5 years ago#7
Pro still needs more radar, but the standard games need the radar tweaked (they did too much with it this game).

(1) Half the distance of it
- It may just be me, but I feel that the radar this game is longer than it has ever been. You can see movement from almost one hall to the other end on Adrift. Cut the distance on the radar, so it's actually possible to move on someone's position WITHOUT sprinting and without them having a good 5 seconds to prepare for you.

(2) Remove the 'level' indicator
- That is another thing that I feel ruins halo. Knowing what level an enemy is on takes the surprise factor away for a lot. Some may try and argue that "not knowing causing camping" but I feel that's different. Haven is a good example. If I'm moving top street and all of a sudden a bunch of "down arrows" show up, I have no concern. I can just follow them calling them out until they come up. Seeing just regular dots would cause me to actually slow down and halt movement for a bit to be more careful. It would also make pushing a lot more viable to confuse the enemy slightly.
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User Info: Brendy_Boy

5 years ago#8
Radar makes the game more campy.

It's very easy to camp when not moving on the radar makes you unknown to your enemy and you can see exactly where your enemy is as they run around unknowingly.

With no radar, no one knows where anyone is until you see them, which requires you to move around.

Promethean vision, however, ruins this.
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  3. What would you think if they removed the radar??

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