Does anyone else feel like Plasmas have a little too much homing?

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  3. Does anyone else feel like Plasmas have a little too much homing?

User Info: chickenwax

4 years ago#11
That's weird, I feel like it's a lot harder to stick than Reach. that saying much?
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User Info: ArcGuard

4 years ago#12
I too have a lot more trouble sticking people in this game. I feel the grenades travel more slowly ad I jut still haven't gotten used to it.

User Info: SeraphLance

4 years ago#13
The PP has always oscillated between being overpowered and absolutely worthless. I feel as if its made a pretty decent middle ground in H4.

The sticky feels about the same as always to me.
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User Info: Corndogburglar

4 years ago#14
The only time I see it stick to people when it probably shouldn't have is whene there is lag.

I have seen it miss by a mile, but then suddenly shoot backwards and stick to the person's leg. Its just lag.

Other than that, its pretty solid
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User Info: Guide

4 years ago#15
Stickies don't need to make actual contact, as long as they get close enough. This "stickiness" (I don't think it's a hitbox, dormant nades won't explode if you shoot right next to them) feels reduced in 4. I think nades in general are slower, too, which is why they don't go as far. I haven't noticed any artificial arcing outside of campaign.
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User Info: Ephidel88

4 years ago#16
My main plasma problem is the opposite. I'll stick someone, and it'll be on their leg or something, and explode, but nothing happens to the enemy. It might as well have flown 50 ft. behind them because it has no effect at all. This is rare..only happened about 5 or 6 times to me, but it's still really annoying, especially when you're kind of depending on that grenade, and it just teases you.

Most likely this is also a lag issue, and the grenade didn't really stick the guy at all, but it sure is irritating.
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User Info: lnknprk_45

4 years ago#18
LordNobunaga posted...
Plasma grenades have homing?

In the sense that it will gravitate to its target. It's not literal homing; it's more like magnetism.
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  3. Does anyone else feel like Plasmas have a little too much homing?

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