The Thruster Pack legitimately needs a boost. Buff, whatever.

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  3. The Thruster Pack legitimately needs a boost. Buff, whatever.

User Info: Cemith

5 years ago#1
I enjoy it as it is now, don't get me wrong. It's like evading, but that's what it reminds me off.


And you only get what seems like half the distance with it to.

Just for s***'s and giggles, I decided to make a Super AA gametype.

With it, it's like you're practically flying.

Please 343. Buff your Thruster Pack if only by a little. We'd love it. I'd love it.
Femith: Courtesy of Anima_Live.

User Info: WHITERYNO1191

5 years ago#2
I completely agree. I was all excited to use it since evade was my favorite armor ability. Then I used it and was extremely disappointed. It needs to be somewhere in between infection, and where it is now, or maybe how it is in campaign.
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User Info: BigRobb2389

5 years ago#3
Yea, maybe like a 30-50% boost.

its not bad as is though, though it may not be as powerful as evade, there are some cool things you can do with it. The fact you can use it in the air opens it up a lot.

it actually might be my favorite AA as is. its my most used thats for sure.

User Info: jakeDiLLa

5 years ago#4
I think it should feel more like it does when you play as flood
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User Info: YoukaiSlayer

5 years ago#5
It should keep you first person and move you 75% farther or so. Would also be nice if you could get 2 uses instead of one. Makes for some cool ninjas though but thats about all its good for as is
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User Info: Dragon Nexus

Dragon Nexus
5 years ago#6
Yeah, I was thinking for a while I was doing something wrong. Like I'm meant to hold the thruster or something.

Then I realised, nope...that's it.
It works though, I've escaped people using it...the weaker players seem to stop shooting for a second when I use it.
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  3. The Thruster Pack legitimately needs a boost. Buff, whatever.

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