Things to balance this game a bit more.

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User Info: _venport_

5 years ago#1
Armor Abilities:
Hardlight Shield: either increase movement speed, or return to normal speed immediately after it's dropped. Also allow it to affect vehicle impact (not necessarily destroy the vehicle, but save you from being splattered).
Thruster Pack: Increase range of movement (at least match the power it had in campaign) and either allow two uses before mandatory recharge (which seems rather lengthy for an evasive ability) or decrease recharge time (again, to match campaign).
Assault Rifle/Storm Rifle/Suppressor: Decrease bloom for the later two (especially suppressor), while either increasing the Storm Rifle's damage to shielding or decreasing the same for the Assault Rifle. Slight damage boost to Suppressor to allow it to compete with the Assault Rifle/Storm Rifle.
Lightrifle: increase damage done without zooming in to match what it is while zoomed in. This will allow it to compete with other precision weapons with a reasonable chance of success, due to low firing rate without scope.
Boltshot: decrease effective range of secondary fire to match standard shotgun weaponry, while decreasing spread to require greater precision.
Plasma Grenade: expand lethal blast radius so that a direct stick/standing on top of detonation isn't maximum kill range.
Pulse Grenade: increase rate of shield drain. At present, serves as little more than deterrent.
"DUDE! FACE! Why aren't you dead?"--Pete Abrams' Bun-Bun
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  3. Things to balance this game a bit more.

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