lol got spec code and i have limited edition

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  3. lol got spec code and i have limited edition

User Info: ShadowDragon16

4 years ago#1
title says it all got limited edition and got a spec code lol

User Info: fLiNo

4 years ago#2
Give it to someone who needs it. Be the hero that Gotham deserves.

User Info: R_O_DFanboy

4 years ago#3
I need one please! Help me, TC! I love you long time!

... Well, maybe not physically. But emotionally! ;D
"I'd rather die for what I believe, than live a life without meaning." GT: freefallerexe

User Info: Yombiee

4 years ago#4
Hey there, my friend and I would appreciate the code very much if you would be so kind as to provide us with it.

We've played since launch, an unfortunately the version he bought was the normal one.

He qualified for the offer and even posted in the waypoint thread but still have yet to receive a code.

Needless to say he and I our at the end of our rope regarding this matter.

We'd love to play together with the new specializations but we are not able to, if you so happened to decided to give that code away, he and I would appreciate it beyond what words can say.

Thanks for your time!
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  3. lol got spec code and i have limited edition

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