Team regicide is the best playlist thus far

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User Info: meltor13

5 years ago#11
I agree that Team Regicide is fun. Dominion is also really good.

I'm excited about Extraction.

So glad they left out Single-Flag CTF though. That gametype blows.
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User Info: BritShady

5 years ago#12
It is a surprising that it was so good when standard Regicide was pretty terrible. Still waiting for word on BTB Objective and Double Team please.
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User Info: metalclash

5 years ago#13
BTB CTF is all I need.
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User Info: SpiduxLimitless

5 years ago#14
Bring. Back. Team. Snipers.

And. Give. Me. GRIFBALL!
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User Info: bearded_moose

5 years ago#15
demigodxsero posted...
team regicide is fun. all i played in reach was Snipers and Swat but for some reason i dont think snipers would be fun in this game at all.

it was good for the week that we had it.

shockingly, many snipers matches were far more fast paced and frantic than regular team slayer.
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User Info: NiMRODPi

5 years ago#16
Also agree. Played team regicide yesterday for quite a while. It was a blast. Like other have said, it's TDM that breaks up the static cross map capping.

I've also been loving Oddball. The fact that you can now really throw the ball to other people like some game of team handball really changes up the tactics and teammate positioning.
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User Info: aLmosT_bLinD

5 years ago#17
I hope Team Regicide stays, my favorite playlist in game.

User Info: joyce_181502

5 years ago#18
I like normal Regicide but haven't played Team Regicide yet.

I'm surprised people like Team Regicide though because it sounds like VIP ... which everyone seemed to hate from Halo 3 (though I liked it).

User Info: Hagan

5 years ago#19
Team regicide is great, i like ffa but ffa regicide is dumb.
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User Info: enterthemadrox

5 years ago#20
Asherlee10 posted...
I definitely think Double Team should come back.

However, I never saw the appeal in that playlist. Personally, I like to have more than 2 people to shoot at.

2 vs 2 is better in Gears Of War 3 in my opinion (think they called it Brothers To The End) because it suits that game more than Halo. IMO of course.

I do love me some Team Regicide.
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