So i was playing spartan ops

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User Info: halorecon87

4 years ago#1
and one of the drop pods released tiny enemies O_O wth? their guns were bigger than they were and when i would kill them they would turn into weird deformed stick figures....and when i managed to assassinate one it showed me doing the animation without an enemy there, thanks 343 for not allowing us to save clips from spartan ops >:(

User Info: SpiduxLimitless

4 years ago#2
Haven't seen or heard of that one yet, but there are some pretty interesting glitches in SpartOps. None 'game breaking' in my opinion, but definitely something that should have been polished weeks before launch.

Now the glitches in MP on the other hand need to be fixed ASAP, those practically are game breaking.
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User Info: LordNobunaga

4 years ago#3
The Covenant have been training a Toddler Division for some time. Nice they finally get to utilize them.
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