So Halo fans... Where would you rank this Halo?

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User Info: YoukaiSlayer

4 years ago#21
Slightly better than vanilla reach. Worse than no bloom no sprint reach. If they tweaked a few things i could like it a lot more. Namely reduce magnetism, increase how quickly you can reverse directions drastically (if you are walking forward and hit back and jump you just jump straight up in the air), and decreased shield recharge delay without needing a perk. If that happened id probly like it more than reach. Halo 2 and 3 are still much better though IMO.

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User Info: Blue Pious

Blue Pious
4 years ago#22
ranking campaign:

Halo 4>Halo 3=Reach> ODST> halo ce> halo 2

but all of them are loved.

Reason CE and halo 2 are bellow is because I rank the campaigns based on replayability.

halo ce and 2 have amazing first halfs, but fall off the boat (relative to halo games) after that. It happens in Halo after the Flood, happens in Halo 2 after you kill Regret. I normally dont play the games after that...I want to love Halo 2's end, but the Brutes were just terribly unfun to fight until Halo 3

User Info: liplust121

4 years ago#23
For multi player? It's pretty decent, having a lot of fun.

For single player... Terrible. Bad level design, the art style for the forerunner buildings, new weapons uninspired, new enemies not fun, story was awful, really bad. Not to mention the stupid retcons.
Seriously the single player layout/direction and the way it played was almost amateur.

Multi still so much fun though

User Info: SS_MetalSonic

4 years ago#24
this is probably my favorite . mostly because of the speed of the game. previous halo games were so slow moving around even though there was a certain level of speed during combat.

this game , in comparison ; is so much quicker and that makes it more fun for me.
i have not played much of the single player but it definately has my attention so far.
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User Info: Brendy_Boy

4 years ago#25

CE > Reach > 3 > ODST > 4 > 2

CE > 2 > 3 > 4 > Reach
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User Info: AhrimanTheStill

4 years ago#26
MP: Halo 2/3 on release , Halo CE PC , Halo 4 , Halo Reach.

Campaign: Halo 2 , Halo 1 , Halo 3 , Halo Reach , Halo ODST , Halo 4 it was awful.
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User Info: erknstein

4 years ago#27
I like how you can join games in progress, makes it so much faster. More time playing halo, less time waiting for games. Also it sucked when ex: two people would drop out and the game was forced to be played 2v4.

Also I like the always sprint aspect and the custom loadouts. To me this game has the most addictive multiplayer so far with its revamped and constant rewards system and its decreased waiting times.

As far as ranking them goes, that's too difficult for me. Halo's just the best shooter series ever! It's like trying to rank the Star Wars movies (the original trilogy)
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