Locus Helm, Premium Theme, Bulletproof Emblem

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User Info: FLLMTRShoryuken

4 years ago#1
Who wants them? I have a few of each. Something in trade would be prefered but I may be nice and give a couple away. PMs okay. Later skaters!

User Info: 0xHakux0

4 years ago#2
I sent a PM

User Info: 12345sniperz123

4 years ago#3
I have nothing to trade but I'll throw out the request for a bullet emblem, I haven't yet found an emblem I particularly like among the defaults so I'm just using random ones.
"It was plenty warm and I was farting continuously under the sheet, creating a kind of greenhouse effect." -Dwight

User Info: SuperSaiyanGoku

4 years ago#4
If you have an extra helm...

User Info: jpraelster

4 years ago#5
I pmed you

User Info: thethirdthought

4 years ago#6
free extra locus helmet?
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