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User Info: Shuffles072

4 years ago#1
Has anyone still not received the code through xbox live or am I the only one?

User Info: patkelly929

4 years ago#2
Are you from the US, or any of the countries along that landmass?
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User Info: 12345sniperz123

4 years ago#3
You are the ONLY one, rejoice in the fact you are unique to the seven billion people on the planet.
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User Info: Nintendo_to

4 years ago#4
Yeah if you could make sure you're within the margin of their terms of service, that'd be helpful. I received my Xbox Live Message with the specializations a couple days ago.

User Info: Shuffles072

4 years ago#5
Ya I have all of the requirememts and I live in the U.S but no message

User Info: allstarz10

4 years ago#6
I also have not received mine even though I posted relatively early in both the xbox and waypoint forums. Luckily, I got one from a kind soul on gamefaqs.
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