what's your favorite announcer phrase?

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User Info: Spider5800

5 years ago#21
Got a "Road Trip!" the other day.

Twas awesome.
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User Info: Hunter2hunted

5 years ago#22
Busted. Kinda hard to get, but well worth it.
GT: brnginDhuricane
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User Info: Chariloe

5 years ago#23
Chariloe http://www.youtube.com/user/Chariloe?feature=mhee
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User Info: DeWan47

5 years ago#24
Eight kills within 4 seconds of each other=King
A real soldier can only be crafted with two ingredients: Mud and Blood

User Info: whitepsychtiger

5 years ago#25
Smooth Moves
GT: PhantomGenetics
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User Info: furykidd

5 years ago#26
Reign of terror

User Info: xTwilightxHerox

5 years ago#27

^They took this out of Halo 4 for some reason :(

User Info: AyumiSqueezetoy

5 years ago#28
i was playing split screen with my 5 year old son (we were just running around and driving vehicles), and I jumped out of a flying banshee.

So now he thinks "Sue's Side" is something you say when you fall >_>
The Reclamation has begun!

User Info: VectorChaos

5 years ago#29
More than any single one, I just love hearing all the spree/multikill medals going off in rapid succession during a Scorpion rampage.

*BOOM* Double Kill! Triple Kill! Overkill! *BOOM* Killing Spree! Killtacular! Killtrocity!
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User Info: bearded_moose

5 years ago#30
Road Trip.

there is no question
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